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Old 09-05-2019, 07:42 AM
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I bought some Aguila super extra sv to try just because itís cheap and I was curious about how good it would shoot. It wasnít very good at accuracy in every thing I shot it in until I tried it in my new at that time Ruger precision rim fire. The rifle shoots CCI-SV very well, better than some brands of ammo that are more expensive. It will do slightly less than an inch at 100 yds. with little wind with sv. The Aguila shot just as good as the sv in this one rifle at 50 yards. I havenít tried it at 100. I donít remember any FTF at all with the several boxes I shot but it does have a distinctive odor. It also seemed well made, no dinged cases or bullets at all.
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Old 09-06-2019, 05:14 PM
William Harper

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Smile .22 ammo for long range

My Fellow Marksmen:
Searching for good .22 LR long range loads, I looked at CCI Velocitor a hypervelocity 40gr bullet supposedly loaded to 1435 fps. The chronograph revealed a disappointing 1368 fps was about all I could expect from barrels 22"-28.5". I compared the accuracy to Aguila Interceptor at 300 meters in the same session. I used my CZ Ultra Lux's tangent sight set at 300 meters. Holding at exactly 12:00 on a 100 yd smallbore target I got groups of 4.7"-5.5" with low center clusters of 2"-3".
When I switched to Velocitor, I expected that at 1368 fps it would hit lower than the Interceptor which flew at 1465 fps average with a better shaped bullet. That proved the case in that Velocitor hit ca. 6" lower, but unexpectedly ca. 8" right. It had no clusters in its 10"-14" sprinkles. Also its beer keg shaped bullets had slowed so much that some were stopped by 1/2 " plastic foam board and fell virtually unmarked to the ground. Velocitor is praised as a 50 yard rabbit and raccoon stopper. It is no long range load. One very peculiar thing that I accidentally found would tighten Velocitor's groups from 4"-5" at 100 yards from my 1972 "Crackshot" Stevens Favorite was to fire 5 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt then to fire the Velocitor. Groups tightened to 2"-2.5" dead center as if the Remington's fouling were an elixor of accuracy. Amazing (appalling)! Try it.
Respectfully Yours,
William Harper

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