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Results June Topstraps Longrange (midrange) Rimfire Challenge

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Another match in the books. Had a really nice weekend, I want to thank everyone that came and hope you had a good time. Also want to thank those that helped spot and score during the match, it gives me a break on the eyes and also lets two shooters move out thru the course at their own speed without waiting on another shooter. Took a couple harder target racks out this month figuring scores might be a bit high and I wasn't dissapointed. Humidity was high and most shooters noticed shooting a tad high as they got farther out, ammo guns and shooters are really improving and it won't be long till I have a perfect score shot. Then I'll just shift racks around a bit to add a couple more tougher targets but I do want everyone to hit a high percentage and let the top dogs battle it out with a few smaller targets for the win.

Derrick Warren shot another perfect 10 shots on the 197 yard target rack (10" down to 1") making him the leader I believe in overall accomplishing it. David Pattons 8 year old daughter Kylie shot her first match with her Savage Rascal but next month she'll be using her new CZ At-1 which should be better for this game. I let her shoot the 7 1/4" sighter plates but soon saw they were too large for her, I let her decide after her first shot on the bigger plate and she would move over to the small 4moa peep sight targets at each distance and some times directly to the regular targets on the rack. She shot great and hit a lot of targets. She'll be one to watch as she gets older.

Dennis Lawrence also ran the 197 yard rack with 10 well placed hits which earned him a spot of fame on my shelter roof, still only a handful have ever done it without a miss even in practice sessions. Dakota Wright also put on a nice show only missing a few at the farther distances. Another outstanding performance was shot by Chris Blaney with an open sighted CZ 457. Not many can shoot post and notch well but he ran right out thru the 4moa targets like he's done it many times before. Was great to watch it done, groups were well better than one would expect from those type of sights.

Cuda and I shot old $2.00 Gecco Rifle ammo in our peep sight guns just to see what we were missing by shooting Biathlon the past few months. It's usually pretty easy to clean the Peep Sight course with good stuff but the Gecco definately uses up the full 4moa target plus. Was fun but you can sure see better ammo is a lot more consistent.

I used a random number generator to select this months $25.00 drawing winner. That is used with the placement of the shooter in score placement. It was number 16 which was Dakota Wright, pick up your winnings next match you get to. Congratulations.

Ties are placed according to reverse count on most hits on farthest target. This month is was Bob Brown, excellent shooting Bob, was a pleasure to watch you run thru the target racks. Kurt Yoder also shot a 96 but missed two targets and Bob only missed the last little 1" circle at 197 yards but used one sighter thru the match. This month if you didn't use a sighter you gained 1 point for each of the 5 sighters you are allowed thru the whole match.

Next month due to a bit of discussion with one of my competitors next month will be unique to any I've had so far. Everyone will have the same chance so the scores may be a bit lower but I think it could make for a fun challenging course of fire. Shooter will start at 197 yards and shoot from right to left meaning your first shot will be the 1" at 197 and so on. If you miss you move to next larger target so it'll get easier. It's fun to shoot well but I also think it's fun to have a fun match occasionally too. Hope you all come back next month to try it.

On to the scores. 98 would have been a perfect score including bonus shots on smaller higher value targets. Some shooters shot twice and denoted with a (2) Junior shooter = * Butch McCort and Karen Marsh both had problems with humidity and scope being able to see the targets good. Hopefully next month will be better for them.

1. 96 Bob Brown Remington 40X Weaver 36 Lapua Biathalon
2. 96 Kurt Yoder Sako Quad SWFA 20X SK Biathlon
3. 95 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken Center-X
4. 94 Dennis Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol SWFA 20X SK Biathlon
5. 92 Chris Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol SWFA 20X SK Biathlon
6. 91 Jim Lochary (2) V-Gun (Vudoo) March SK Biathlon
7. 91 Chris Kirkpatrick H&R model 12 Peep Sights SK Biathlon
8. 91 Dennis Lawrence V-Gun Bushnell SK Biathlon
9. 90 Derrick Warren CZ MTR Vortex SK Long Range
10. 90 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Red
11. 90 Jerry Shaw H&R model 12 SWFA 20X SK Biathlon
12. 89 Dave Callipare V-Gun NF SK Biathlon
13. 89 Randy Wise Fedderson 10/22 SWFA Center-X
14. 88 Rube Perkins Kidd 10/22 NF SK Biathlon
15. 87 Eric Lochary V-Gun Vortex SK Biathlon
16. 86 Dakota Wright Savage Strike Eagle SK Match
17. 86 Jim Lochary (1) V-Gun March SK Biathlon
18. 86 Dennis Kirkpatrick BSA Martini Peep Sights Gecco Rifle
19. 85 Cuda Gatten Anschutz Peep Sights Gecco Rifle
20. 84* Kylie Patton Savage Rascal Athalon SK Biathlon
21. 84 Tom Cochran V-Gun Kahles SK Std. Plus
22. 83 Cuda Gatten CZ 452 SWFA SK Yellow
23. 82 Jerry Galbraith CZ 457 NF SK
24. 81 Charles Wright Ruger Precision Strike Eagle SK Std.
25. 80 Chris Blaney CZ 457 Lux Open iron sights Eley white box
26. 71 Bob Ellwood Bergara Athalon Polar Biathlon
27. DNF Butch McCort Remington 40X Bushnell CCI Std.
28. DNF Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA SK Biathlon

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