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Results September Topstraps Rimfire Challenge

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Another one in the books, one more to finish up the season in October. It'll be the timed event, for all those speedsters that think they are accurate fast shooters come on down and challenge yourself and see if you can beat the top finisher and earn the Crown. 100 rounds in a bowl, 85 targets to hit from 25 yards out thru 197 yards. The smaller ones are replaced with larger easier to hit, the same setup from the past two years to keep everything equal. I'll post more as the match gets closer.

I want to thank everyone that came to shoot, conditions were great for some shooters but as bad as I've seen here for others. Wind ranged from zero to flags straight out and flapping and switching every 2 seconds with most times 4 different directions on my windflags and scores suffered big time. No one complained but I felt really bad for some and even let them stop and wait for it to settle down and give a few extra sighters when needed. Lower scores weren't necessarily due to poor shooting but chasing the wind was really really tough at times.

Chris and I had to shoot starting around 6:45 Friday evening for me and the same Sunday evening for him due to his work and I'm only saying this because it gave both of us a chance to use the lit reticle in the new Arken 6-24SH4 scope which helped seeing the dot on the targets. Had to use flashlights to see the turrets near the end. It was dead calm but I'd rather not be finishing up in the dark.

Bob Brown shot his new Remington 40X with a new 1 1/4" bull barrel he's setting up for Benchrest but he did remove the tuner for this match and it shot great. Bob has been tearing it up lately and shot really well. Charles and Dakota Wright brought their new RimX guns down and to say they were impressive is an understatement. They shot really well and as they get them figured out and find the best ammo they'll be a force to keep up with. Shannon Shatto shot her first match with husband Matt coaching her and did very well, by the time Matt shot it was really ugly wind. Kurt Yoder was the only one to hit all 10 at 197 again.

Will keep it short this month, later in the Fall weather is unpredictable and it's a luck of the draw when you shoot. I hope eveyone had fun and look forward to seeing them next month for the Speed/Timed event. Don't let it scare you off, a few of us have shot it with old single shots and finished up with rounds and time left over so it can be done. No movement is involved, just load and shoot quickly, don't miss. Slow is smooth and smooth can be fast. That's what they say anyway.

Top possible score is 93 with all gamble and bonus shots figured in. All ties decided by reverse count. It usually came down to how many golf ball bonus targets at 135 yards they hit and if they hit the black ring around it which subtracted one of their points. The (number) denotes order they shot multiple guns.

1. 88 Bob Brown (2) Remington 40X Athalon Lapua Polar Biathlon
2. 86 Chris Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken SH4 SK Biathlon
3. 85 Dennis Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken SH4 SK Biathlon
4. 84 Charles Wright RimX Vortex Strike Eagle SK Std.
5. 84 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken SK4 SK Biathlon
6. 83 Bob Brown (1) Remington 540X Weaver Lapua Polar Biathlon
7. 82 Bill Nesbitt Vudoo Night Force SK Biathlon
8. 81 Dakota Wright RimX Vortex Strike Eagle SK Rifle Match
9. 81 Bob Merillat Anschutz March Midas
10. 81 Kurt Yoder Sako Quad SWFA SK Biathlon
11. 80 Dan Bartok Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Night Force RWS 50
12. 80 Dave Calipare (1) Vudoo Night Force SK Biathlon
13. 80 Jerry Shaw H&R 12 SWFA SK Biathlon
14. 80 John Schumacher Anschutz Night Force SK Biathlon
15. 79 Dave Calipare (2) Vudoo Night Force SK Biathlon
16. 79 Eric Lochary Vudoo Vortex SK Biathlon
17. 78 Butch McCort Remington 40X Bushnell SK Biathlon
18. 78 Chuck Wagner H&R 12 SWFA RWS Rifle Match
19. 77 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA SK Biathlon
20. 76 Kenny Arnold CZ Vortex ELey Black Box
21. 74 Tom Rayner Remington 513 Target Night Force SK
22. 73 Jim Lochary Vudoo Night Force SK Biathlon
23. 72 Rube Perkins (1) 10/22 Douglass Night Force SK Biathlon
24. 71 Jason Grubb CZ 457 Valdada SK Std +
25. 71 Rube Perkins (3) 10/22 Kidd Night Force SK Biathlon
26. 70 Bob Ellwood Bergara Arken EP Lapua Polar Biathlon
27. 68 Jerry Galbraith CZ 457 Night Force RWS
28. 68 Cuda Gatten Izhmash Biathlon SWFA SK Biathlon
29. 67 Shannon Shatto Savage SWFA Tac22
30. 61 Rube Perkins (2) 10/22 Kidd Night Force SK Biathlon
31. 60 Matt Shatto Savage SWFA Tac22

These are old pictures but the balls are centered up in the black ring at a match.


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