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Old 07-31-2021, 03:00 PM
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Magnum Research 10/22 Magnum, Magnum Lite Model: MLR22WMBFC

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Range: Indoor, lighted, max range 50 yards. Majority of targets shot at 50 yards unless otherwise noted. Sitting, supported shooting position. Front of rifle on V-Block rest, rear of rifle unsupported.

Rifle: Magnum Research, Magnum Lite Model: MLR22WMBFC
Caliber: 22WMR, [22 Magnum]

Barrel: As pictured (see below), Stainless Steel Bull Barrel

Stock: OEM replaced with Boyd’s custom thumbhole stock for left-handed shooter.

Boyd’s stock specs:
2Y4051W411ZZ Blast Magnum Research® Mlr-1722m Lh Stk Rh Act 920 Bc Zz F

I purchased this rifle used in April of 2021. No information from buyer as to age or use since it was a “Buy it now” purchase from Gunbroker. The rifle arrived in Right-Hand configuration with a Magnum Research OEM right-handed stock. Along with one 9 round OEM magazine, and 5 25 round aftermarket magazines.
Before shooting I made the following changes:

1. I replaced the OEM right-hand stock with the above Boyds Left-hand thumbhole stock.

2. I mounted a Leupold optic using rings. The optic is a Leupold VX3 1.5-5 x 20 with a duplex reticle. Mounts and rings were torqued to suggested inch-lbs per the ring/Leupold website.

No other changes were made. The first shooting session revealed significant vertical stringing with all types of ammo tested. Range was 25 yards. Total rounds fired in session was approximately 50.

All targets exhibited vertical stringing averaging 4” in vertical dispersion. Windage dispersion was 1.0 to 1.5”. Several Failure to feeds, and Failures to Eject were noted. No failures to fire were noted. Upon returning home from the range I discovered the extractor, extractor plunger, and plunger spring were missing. I found the spring inside my rifle bag since I had used it as an improvised shooting rest during the session. The OEM extractor and plunger were replaced with Ruger OEM spares I had on hand. After replacing the missing extractor assembly I disassembled the rifle completely to examine the receiver to stock fit. I noticed significant movement of the rear of the receiver when the receiver was screwed into the boyd’s stock. Since the rear of the receiver sits on a wood ledge inside the Boyd’s stock, nothing prevents the rear of the receive from moving up and down.

Over the next few days I steel bedded the rear of receiver. Three bedding applications were required to get the receiver locked into the stock to where I was confident that vertical movement was minimized. Some research on the Internet revealed a modification where the rear trigger group pin was removed and replaced by a 10/24 (OD = .186”) screw that pierces the outside of the stock, passing through the rear trigger group pin to exit the opposite side of the stock. Liking what I saw in this modification, I made the mod to my stock and trigger group using a 2.25” long 10/24 screw. Locating the precise location to open the stock on both sides was the most difficult part of the mod. I used a very small drill bit to drill a test hole and adjusted the opening accordingly until I had the screw hole centered in the stock and the 10/24 screw was able to just enter the wood stock and pass through the trigger group exiting the opposite side of the stock.

I secured the 10/24 screw with a fender washer and standard nut. Once secured with the new screw, the action ceased to move and was locked into place. Testing the next day at the range reveal the elimination of vertical stringing and round groups were the norm. But, the extractor was blown out again at the end of the range session, and several Failure to Feeds and Failures to Eject were noted.

Replacing the missing extractor upon returning home I also replaced the plunger and plunger spring with Volquartsen replacement parts. Another range session revealed no extractor failures but several Failures to Feed and Failures to Extract.

Range results follow... showing ammunition used, range, and group measurements. Malfunctions, if indicated, are on the targets. I am roughly 20% into the variety of .22WMR ammunition that I have on hand in the 40 to 50 grain range. I am not testing any .22WMR ammunition less than 40grains in my testing since Magnum Research owner’s manual and website both say to not use .22WMR ammo weighing less than 40 grains lest the warranty be voided. So, even though I have 32grain ammo on hand, I will not be testing it.

Here are a list of problems I have identified that I want to solve, and their status, as I update this thread from time to time:

• Problem Description: Vertical Stringing
o Probable cause: identified as vertical movement in rear of receiver in Boyd’s replacement thumbhole stock due to excessive tolerances between receiver body and stock inletting.
o Solution: bedded rear of receiver into stock using steel bedding to remove as much vertical and lateral movement as possible. Replaced rear trigger group pin with 10-24 x 2.5” screw * nut combo to secure rear of receiver to stock and also to provide a second receiver stock attachment point.
o Status of Problem: Solved. No further work intended. Vertical stringing has been eliminated.

• Problem Description: Ejection of extractor assembly during firing
o Probable cause: unknown. This problem appears to be a known issue with 10/22 designs in 22WMR/22Mag. Replaced OEM extractor with Volquartsen extractor assembly (extractor, plunger, plunger spring) and after approximately 100 rounds of fire, the ejector has not detached from the bolt.
o Solution: Replacement of OEM extractor assembly with Volquartsen assembly.
o Status of Problem: Unsolved: Pending further testing.

• Problem Description: Failure to Feed from OEM 9 round magazine
o Probable Cause: The two nine (9) round OEM magazines I have experience Failure to Feed (FTF) on the second to last and last rounds.
o Solution: Under Investigation. A weak magazine spring is suspected as the follower stops .25” from feed lips and does not appear to be under constant spring pressure when magazine is empty.
o Solution: Pending
o Status of Problem: Unsolved

• Problem Description: Failure to Feed from Shooters Ridge 25 round magazine. Random rounds jam with the base raised in feed position but the nose depressed and unable to rise into proper alignment for feeding.
o Probable Cause: The Winchester .22WMR ammunition COAL (X22MH) of 1.340” appears to be near the usable space at the feed lips in the Shooters Ridge 25 round Magazine (1.347" measured usable space). Insufficient space appears to be the culprit to allow the top cartridge room to rise and advance simultaneously under bolt movement.
o Solution: Under Investigation. I plan to experiment with one of the Shooter’s Ridge 25 round magazines by slightly lengthening the opening at the top of the magazine opposite the feed lips and rimmed cartridge exit notch.
o Solution: Pending
o Status of Problem: Unsolved

• Problem Description: Bolt over base, Failure to Feed from Shooters Ridge 25 round magazine & OEM 9 round magazine
o Probable Cause: Unknown
o Solution: Under Investigation
o Solution: Pending
o Status of Problem: Unsolved

Pictures of Rifle:

Photos of Target Grid Shot to date with Ammo & Other Info:

Link to Larger pic of targets

I plan to update the thread as I discover solutions to the problems that remain.

The rifle is actually shooting well as of today. Group sizes at 50 yards are within my expectations but the Failures to Feed from OEM & aftermarket magazines, and the Failures to Extract remain bothersome.

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Old 08-24-2021, 04:53 PM
dave 207
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What I Did

Locktite barrel to receiver
Milled hole in the end of receiver for bedding block and screw
Also nice hole for cleaning rod since barrel will not come off
Milled out stock to accept new rear lug and screw
Free float barrel
Now the action is held with 2 solid screws
Kept the trigger
With CCI solids, I can cover the hole with a dime @ 100
Not so with Federal’s
I absolutely love this gun now
A real tack driver
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Old 10-10-2021, 10:24 PM
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Well , I just got one, and I hope I dont have to do all that

Does yours have their trigger or a ruger trigger?
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Old 10-10-2021, 11:31 PM

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What a nightmare. My unmodified Ruger 10/22 magnum has none of these problems. Perhaps Magnum Research could help.
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