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50 Yard Vintage and Unlimited Iron Sight Matches for Jan., 2018

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50 Yard Vintage and Unlimited Iron Sight Matches:

If You Are New Here . . . 50 Yard Iron Sight Matches

. . . And want to know how our Iron Sight (Globe & Peep) match rules work: Here they are:
Matches start on the first day of each month and end on the last day of the month. Scores to be reported by the last day of the month. A Score Bulletin with all competitors names raked from high to low is posted on the 4th or 5th day of the following month.

I would suggest that if you are interested in shooting this match, that you read these rules. and then: READ THEM AGAIN.
We would use the NRA A 23/5 target that is also used in our other 50 yard matches.
Note: This target is only for 50 yards. Five shots are fired at each bull for a total possible score of 200-20X.
The "HOW TO SCORE" Graphic: See http://pic90.picturetrail.com/VOL238.../396365250.jpg

If you don't have a scoring gauge, better get one. They are more accurate than looking at a ragged round grease mark, and the gauge will sometimes give you an extra point.

RULES for the Peep & Globe Limited, Light Rifle and Unlimited Iron Sight 50 yd. Match;

Make sure you read these rules! If you have any questions please ask.
Note: Rifles that are used in Vintage and Unlimited Matches shall not be scored together, but kept separate as the rules spell out.
1.Rifles: As this is the Unlimited Class anything goes except no Rail Guns and no one-piece rests. This would include production BR rifles (Anschutz BR50 for example, the high-end Annies and Walthers), or rifles that have been fitted with BR stocks. There is no restriction to the age of the rifle.

2.There shall be no limitation on the ammunition.

3.Accessories: Bench Rest Blocks (plates attached to the accessory rail or stock) are permitted. Optical front lens are permitted but limited to 1.5X. All other accessories or shooting and range gear are permitted but limited to those listed in the Vintage Matches.

1. Vintage shall be defined as rifles that have not been changed or modified in any way except as permitted by the following rules. No blue printing or aftermarket items (except as noted) that would allow a rifle to perform better.

2.There shall be no limitation on the ammunition except as spelled out in the overall rules.
These rules are common to all classes:

3.Stocks: Must have original stock. Or: if the stock as been modified or the original stock has been replaced with a custom, a factory stock of the same type as the original may be used. Glass bedding and pillars are allowed.

4.Barrel: Rifle must have original barrel, with no barrel tuner. The factory barrel may be shortened and recrowned. Rechambering is not allowed. Bloop tubes are not permitted.

5.Trigger: Must be mechanical. No electric or remote triggers. Trigger parts/springs or custom triggers may be installed for a light pull. Must be safe.

6.Rests: Front and rear rests, not connected and filled with sand or plastic pellets. Windage and elevation adjustments are allowed on the front rest. BiPod front rest allowed. A large single sand bag of the "Bulls Bag" type would be allowed.

7.Ammunition is shoot what you have unless restricted above, but NOT to exceed $16.00 per box of 50. Price will be before shipping or taxes. (No Eley Red Box, Lapua Midas or RWS R50)
Prices listed on the Champion Shooters Supply Website will be our "standard price list".
The Champion Shooters Supply website:
Click on "Ammunition" on the left side of the home page.
Discontinued match grade ammunition is considered to be in the same price range as similar ammunition in current production. (No Federal 1000 A or B).
With the cost of ammunition rising: We will adjust prices in the future.

Rule change as follows;

8.RESTRICTIONS: Any rifle with a benchrest type stock or a custom action or a factory action that has been "blueprinted" will not be allowed in this class. A benchrest stock is one that has a foreend with a flat bottom, more than 2.7 inches wide, and/or has the bottom of the buttstock parallel or near parallel to the bottom of the foreend.

9.Shooters may use tube extensions on either their front or rear sights as long as they do not contain any optical magnification and the extensions do not form one solid tube between sights; i.e., there must be a distinguishable distance between the front and rear tubes making them separate.

10.Shooters may use any type or color of front sight insert (clear, amber, etc.) and after market eyepieces or discs on their rear sight (Merit, Hadley, Gehmann, etc.) as long as the inserts or discs do not offer any optical magnification.

11.You may shoot up to 4 targets each month with the same rifle. Post your best score here in this thread. If you use a second rifle you may shoot 4 more targets with the second rifle.

12.All results are to be posted in the appropriate thread in this Iron Sight Bench Rest forum. Results should identify the rifle shot, the type or brand of sights, the caliber/type of rifle, any modifications to the rifle other than simply bedding or tuning the trigger, the brand of ammo used, if the target was shot indoors or out, appropriate comments on weather conditions, and the range at which the target was shot.

13.The official monthly match dates will be from the 1st to the last day of the month. Please try to get your scores posted by the first day of the following month. An official score bulletin will be posted on the 4th or 5th of the following month. This match period starts March 1 and ends December 31, 2010.

Other rules that apply are General Rules for the RFC On-Line Matches.
14.From the front edge of the bench to the face of the target: 50 yards.

15.A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed to fire all sighter shots and five shots at each of the 4 record bulls per target.

16.If a rifle fits the rules for more than one rifle class, you may enter the rifle in each of those classes. Before you start a target, you write the rifle class on the target and enter that score in that rifle class. Do not enter that score in more than one match. You may shoot a maximum four targets per month in each rifle class where the rifle fits the rules. Post your best score(s) in the correct match thread for the month.

17.You may shoot on an indoor range from December to March. If you shoot indoors: Type (INDOORS) at the beginning of the third line of your score report. Because it is HOT in our Southern States in the Summer (And in Australia and South American,in our winter): Anyone who has access to a 25 and or 50 yard indoor range, may shoot the RFC matches INDOORS, as long as they indicate "INDOORS" in their score reports."

18.Junior Shooters: The minimum age of a young person allowed in these competitions will be determined by the parent. A Junior shooter is a young persons who has not reached the age of 18. If your are a Junior: Type (Age 14): Or whatever your age, at the end of the first line of your score report.

19. We will now keep track of your scores and they will be applied towards your ranking. Only the highest score would be counted for the Month like in the past. I let shooters shoot 4 targets. I posted the first score that was turned in. If he or she shot a higher score I removed the first score from his record and posted the new higher score. Only the highest score counts for the month, as in the past. I would rather do it this way than wait till the end of the month and post everything at once. So the spread sheet could show 4 scores listed but only the highest would count.

20. You need 3 qualifying targets in any period of time to qualify for the award. But you can't do more than 1 qualifying target in any month unless you use different rifles. Remember we are trying to get shooters out and shooting.

21. Once a shooter has achieved a certain level/class, he doesn't lose that even if shooting a lower score.

There would be no averaging as it requires a lot of time and our matches are not set up for it.

I will post new sticky's by the end of the month so everything is permanent.

Pro-Marksman 180-194
Marksman 195-198
Marksman 1st Class 199 200 0X thru 3X
Shapshooter 200 4X thru 13X
Master 200 14X thru 17X
Expert 200 18X thru 19X
Distinguished Expert 200-20X

PLEASE enter your score and equipment information at the bottom of this thread, in this format:
199-13x (Vintage or Unlimited) John Smith. Warren, Maine (Iron Sighter)
Mossberg Model 44US, S100 receiver and S106 front, SK std +
Hoppes front rest. Bunny ear rear bag.
EXCUSES for not shooting well.
Sunny, 38F, 10-15 mph steady breeze.
50-3x 49-3x 50-3x 50-4x
This is very important as it saves time and in the future will allow us to collate using the computer.
You can save yourself some time and save me the trouble of reformatting your report if you save a copy the above example, then just put in your score, name, home town, state and your equipment information. Save that copy and next month you will only have to change the score (and maybe the ammo you use)

Holt (hhguntech22) / Art (AJK547)
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AJK 547

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"200-20X Club" :

50yd. Vintage A23/5:

1) Owen Bundy (Metaleer) - (Ansch. 1411) Jan./July/Sept. 2011, Feb. 2012

2) Greg N. (GKN) - (Ansch. 2313) May 2011

3) Richard Storms (Deadwooddick) - (Ansch 1413) June 2011

4) AJ Glaser (USMC69) - (Win. 52D) July 2011, July 2012, Oct. 2014 X2, (Ansch. 1411) Feb. 2012, (Ansch. 1413) Jan. 2013 (Rem. 40X) May 2012, Oct. 2014, (BSA Mk. IV) June 2012

5) Gerald Dickerson (gmd1950) - (Kim. 82G) July 2011

6) Hank Smith (Pastprime) - (Ansch. 1411) Sept 2011, Jun. 2012, BSA Intl. MkII July 2013, Ansch. 1813 SM June 2014, Shul 150 April 2016

7) Mike Vosdoganes (MKLSV) - (Ansch. 1411) Nov. 2011, Mar. 2012, Apr. 2012 X2, July/Dec 2012, Mar. 2013 (Ansch. 54) July/Nov. 2012, Apr. 2013 X4, Oct. 2013, (Ansch. 1913) Sept./Dec. 2012, Feb/July 2013 X2, (Ansch. 1913), Sept. X2 2013, (Ansch. 54M (096)) Dec. 2013, Ansch. 54M (226)) Jan/Feb/Sept 2014, Aug. 2015, Sept. 2016, Ansch. 54M (079A)) May 2014 X2

9) Chuck Magers (Chuck Magers) - (Kim. 82G) Mar./May 2012, June/Oct. 2012, Feb. 2013

10) Bert Mosely (Bmosely) - (Kim. 82G #1/#2) Sept./Dec. 2012, Jan. 2013

11) James Braddy (Boxlock) - (Ansch. 1411) Jun./Jul. 2012, Feb. 2013

12) Dale Smith (Shakey) - (Kim. 82G) Dec. 2012

13) David Valdina (David Valdina) - (Rem. 40X USMC) Feb/Mar 2013, Nov. 2014, Apr. 2015, (Martini 12/15) Oct/Dec 2013, (Ansch. 64) Oct. 2013 X2

14) Mark Leaming (Mark4470) - (Kim. 82G #1) Mar/Aug 2013, (Rem. 40XB) Mar/Apr. 2013, (Rem. 40XB #2) Oct. 2013 X4, (Win. 52D #3) Apr 2013, (Ansch. 54) June/Aug 2013, (Rem. 40X#1) Dec. 2013 X2, (Kim. 82G #3) Sept/Oct. 2013, (Rem. 40X #532) Feb. 2014 X4, Apr. 2014 X4, (Rem. 40X #853) Apr. 2014 X3 , (Rem. 40X #690), Oct. 2014

15) Art Kastl (AJK 547) - (Win. 52C Std. Wt.) Apr 2013

16) David Gusler (Tarheeler) - (Win. 52D) Jun 2013

17) George Atkins (52DH&R12) - (Win. 52D) July/Sept X2, (Rem. 40X) Dec 2013

18) Andrew Patchett (Patchett) - (Rem. 40X) Dec 2013 X3, Sept 2014 Jan/Feb 2014, April 2015 (Ansch. 1411) Jan 2014 (Ansch. 1611) Jan. 2014, Oct. 2014, (Walther UIT) Aug. 2014

19) Scott Ring (Oldblades) - (Rem. 40X) Aug 2014

20) Tom Billeter (Keeley) - (Win. 52D) Sept 2014

50yd. Unlimited A23/5:

1) Phil Hansen (Mac-man) - (BSA Mk. III) Jan/June. 2013, (Ansch. 54M) June 2014

2) Mike Vosdoganes (MKLSV) - (Ansch. 54M (690)) Dec. 2013, (Ansch. 54M (226)) Apr/May X2 2015, Sept. 2016, (Ansch. 1913) June 2014 X2, Sept 2014, Sept 2015, Sept. 2016, (Ansch. 54M (112)) Apr. 2015

3) David Dstoenner (Dstoenner) - (Ansch. 54M) Oct. 2016 X2





Below are the RFC Marksmen who have earned their RFC Iron Sight (IS) Match Qualification Awards for November, 2017 IS Matches...

The interest and enjoyment that the 25yd. and 50yd. IS matches have generated has been both fun and rewarding to watch/record during the last 5.5 years... Not only is the competition very keen, but the true spirit of friendship is expressed time and again through this wonderful sport of ours....

Based on my records, the following RFC Iron Sight Match participants have earned the following awards for November, 2017:

50yd. Vintage A23/5:




50yd. Unlimited A23/5:


Previously earned Marksmenship awards, (highest awarded to each marksman):

50yd. Vintage A23/5:

Wail Abushaier (same) - Marksman 1st Class (199 thru 200-0X/3X), Rifle: Kim. 82G

Holt Apgar (hhguntech22) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Ansch. 1411, BSA mk IV

George Atkins (52DH&R12) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Win. 52D, Rem. 40X

Tom Billeter (Keeley) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: BSA MKV, Ansch. 54M

Margaret Boykin (Margaret Boykin) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X thru 200/13X), Rifles: Ansch. 1913

James Brady (Boxlock) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: BSA MKII, Ansch. 1408, 1411

Mads Breum (Mads_Breum) -- Marksman (195 - 198), Rifles: CZ 452

Don Briere (Brer Rabbit) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Ansch. 1411, Rem 37

Owen Bundy (Metaleer) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Ansch. 1411

Sid Crane (Patriotpappy) -- Master (200/14X thru 200/17X), Rifles: Win. 52B

Danny Creasy (DannyCreasy) -- Pro-Marksman (180 thru 194), Rifles: CZ452, BSA 12

Bert Finn (Ammohog) - Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Ansch. 2000, Kim. 82G, Win. 52E

Ken Fullerton (Lazerbuster) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Win. 52D, Kim. 82G, Rem. 40X

Al Glaser (USMC69) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Win. 52D, Rem. 40X, Ansch. 1411, Ansch. 1413, BSA MkIV

Dave Gusler (Tarheeler) - Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Win. 52D, Rem. 37

Bob Harkins (Bob Harkins) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifle: Ansch. 1413

David Holliman (Davh) -- Marksman (195 - 198), Rifles: Rem 513T

Darrell James (brotherdarrell) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X - 200/13X), Rifles: BRNO, CZ 452

Richard King (same) - Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: BSA Int'l

Chuck Langenderfer (langenc) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Kim. 82G

Mark Leaming (Mark4470) - Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Rem. 40XB, Kim. 82G, Win. 52D

Chuck Magers (Chuck Magers) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Kim. 82G

Ed Magnusen (Emagcon) -- Master (200/14X thru 200/17X), Rifles: Kim.82G, Rem 37

Wayne Martin (Wayne Martin) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Ansch. 54 SM

Craig Matthews (Working At It) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: CZ 452 T, H&R12

Shaun McClellan (Benibro) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Kim. 82G#1, Kim. 82G#2, Win. 52C

Gary McGehee (Finn39) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X - 200-13X), Rifles: Rem. 513T, Win. 52B

Jim Miller (Gus McCrea) -- Master (200/14X - 200-17X), Rifles: Ansch. M64

Tom Montgomery (Tmont) -- Master (200/14X thru 200/17X), Rifles: Ansch. 1807

Bert Mosely (Bmosely) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Kim. 82G #1/#2

JD Overson (same) - Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifle: Ansch. 1913

Wm Parker (Doc Holliday) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Ansch. 54M

Bill Parkhurst (AQBill) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Rifles: Ansch. 1416D, Wei 660

Andrew Patchett (Patchett)-- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Rem. 40X, Walther UIT Bv

Monte Phillips (Didereaux) - Marksman (195 - 198), Rifle: CZ 452 UL

Peter Rabine (Peter Rabine) -- Marksman (195 - 198), Rifles: Kim. 82G, Ansch. 1813

Reg Richardson (Reg Richardson) -- Pro-Marksman (180 - 194), Rifles: Kim. 82G, Ansch. 1813

Scott Ring (Oldblades) - Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifle: Rem. 40X, Walther KKM

Jeffery M. Rybak (JMRybak) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X - 200/13X), Rifles: Brno ZKM M3, Brno ZKM M4

David Schober (Dgapilot) -- Marksman 1st Class (199 - 200-0X/3X), Rifles: Win. 52B

Peter tho Seeth (Peter tho Seeth) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: BSA

Dale Smith (Shakey) - Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifle: Rem. 40X, Win. 52D, Kim. 82G

Hank Smith (PastPrime) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Ansch. 1411, BSA Intl. MkIII

Jessica Spikes (Jessica Spikes) -- Pro Marksman (180 - 194), Rifles:Mossberg 44US

Matt Spikes (Matt Spikes) -- Marksman (195 - 198), Rifles: CZ 452

Ron Spikes (Ron Spikes) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X - 200/13X), Rifles: CZ 452

Joe Spina (Hoagiejoe) -- Marksman 1st Class (199 - 200-0X/3X), Rifles: CZ 452UL, CZ 455

Barry Springer (Springer99) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Kim. 82G

David Stoenner (dstoenner) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Rem 40X, Ansch. 54M

Richard Storms (Deadwooddick) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X), Rifles: Rem.513T, Ansch. 1413

David Valdina (David Valdina) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Rem. 40X, BSA Martini 12/15, Savage/Ansch. 64

Mike Vosdoganes (MKLSV) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Ansch. 1411

Harold Waggoner (CZnut) -- Master (200/14X - 200/17X, Rifles: CZ 452 T

Ralph Werner (Mcralph) -- Marksman 1st Class (199 - 200-0X/3X), Rifles: BSA Int'l MkII, Ansch. 54M

50yd. Unlimited A23/5:

Margaret Boykin (Margaret Boykin) -- Marksman 1st Class (195 - 200/3X), Rifles: Ansch. 54SM

Phil Hansen (Mac-man) -- Distinguished Expert (200/20X), Rifles: Ansch. 54 SM, BSA MkIII

Monte Phillips (Didereaux) - Marksman 1st Class (199 - 200/0X-3X), Rifle: CZ 452 T

Joe Spina (Hoagiejoe) -- Sharpshooter (200/4X - 200-13X), Rifles: Ansch. 2013, CZ 455

David Stoenner (dstoenner) -- Expert (200/18X - 200/19X), Rifles: Rem 40X, Ansch. 54M

Congrats and Good Luck !

Holt / Art
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AJK 547

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Scores for Jan. 2018:
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January 2018

200/7X, TOM Bileter, Keeley, Tucson
Martini MK lll, Freeland tube sights, Aguila CMP
Cowan front, Protektor rear
50/2X, 50/X, 50/X,50/3X = 200/7X
Not many X's but I'll take`um. I think it was because the weather is so nice I kept dozing off.

Last edited by Keeley; 01-04-2018 at 04:11 PM.
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Brer Rabbit
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Tucson, AZ
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100% (4)
200-12X, Unlimited, Don Briere, Tucson
BSA Intl MK IV, PNW sights rear, PH1-front
Cowan-front, Protektor-rear, SK+
WX: OVC, winds light and variable, Temp 55.
50-5X, 50-4X,50-1X, 50-3X=200-12X

The cloudy skies played havoc with my vision, most of the morning. This was the first target I fired this morning and it went downhill from there.

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Old 01-08-2018, 02:41 PM
David Valdina
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Aug 2004
Barefoot Bay, Florida and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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100% (3)
Florida, January 8, 2018

Indian River Range, Sebastian, FL, November 27, 2017

Vintage Class

Martini 12/15 with factory sights
Cabelas front rest and Protextor rear bag
Light wind, 5-10 mph. 70 degrees and partly cloudy
SK Rifle Match ammo
White center A23/5 target.
50-4x, 50-1x, 50-2x, 50-3x = 200-10x

CZ Lux, factory open sights.
Cabelas front rest and Protextor rear bag
same wind etc.
SK Rifle Match ammo
White center A23/5 targets.
49-1x, 45-0x, 47-2x & 45-1x=186-4x

Boy, it's really hard for my old eyes to resolve the rear sight clearly. The target is clear. The front sight is pretty clear but that rear sight is pretty blurry.
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AJK 547

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Notice to our members on the passing of Holt Apgar...

To all our RFC members who enjoy this sport and especially our members who enjoy these Iron Sight Benchrest matches, I'm sorry to announce that our friend (and co-administrator of these matches) Holt Apgar has quietly passed away at his home in Fairfax, Va. on Jan. 5th, 2018. His wife Phoebe just gave me the call and wanted to express his enjoyment for being a part of these matches and the true friends he made here on RimfireCentral. The following is the obituary that Pheobe placed in the Washington Post last week... Rest in peace my friend...

Henry Holt Apgar, JR.


On January 5, 2018, Henry Holt Apgar, Jr., passed away peacefully in his home in Fairfax Station, Virginia, at the age of 70, surrounded by his family. Holt had battled Cholangiocarcinoma and acute pancreatitis for nearly a year.

Holt was born in New Jersey, the oldest child of the late Henry Holt Apgar, Sr., and Helen Puschel Apgar. He matriculated at Friends Academy in Locust Valley, New York, and graduated from Montclair Academy in Montclair, New Jersey. He attended Princeton University where he majored in History, played varsity soccer, and was an officer in his eating club. Upon graduation, he attended OCS and joined the Navy where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

While on leave from his ship, the USS Corry, he proposed to the love of his life, Phebe Alice Smith. Having known each other since middle school, the two were married 45 years, and together had two children, Phebe Elizabeth (Peyton Williams), and Sarah (Alexander Painter), and three grandchildren, Baird, Eloise, and Campbell.

After his military service, Holt's early career as an educator brought him back to Princeton University and then to King's School as a teacher. His passion for technology led him to pursue a master's degree in computer science. He spent the majority of his career as a Systems Analyst for several defense contractors, including the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Holt is survived by his mother, his wife, his brother David Apgar (m. Julia Pallares Apgar), his sister Barbara Apgar, his children, his grandchildren, and his niece, Camille Apgar. He was predeceased by his father.

Holt loved traveling with his wife, dancing with his daughters any time a band was playing, and exploring museums and the outdoors with his grandchildren. Friends remember his dry sense of humor, and his passion for sports and politics. He had an insatiable curiosity for the world around him, cultivating many interests.

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Rest in peace Holt!
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*Doc Holliday
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Words can not express my sorrow for Holts passing.
May he rest in peace as he is in Gods kingdom now.

Wm Parker
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May 2008
Central Coast, CA
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Sad news indeed. Rest in peace Holt.
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Law Enforcement Officer

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So sorry to hear of his passing. RIP, Holt.
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Tom
Just another blind hog trying to find an acorn.....[/FONT]
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Adios Holt and thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

197-7x (Vintage) Bill Parkhurst. Sheffield, AL (AQBill)
BSA Martini Model 12, 7a receiver and 22 front, CCISV
Cowen front rest. Protektor Bunny ear rear.
Breezy & evidently some Safe ghost jimmied with my sights
Overcast, 50F, 5-10 mph fitful breeze.
50-1x 49-2x 50-4x 48-0x
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