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Results October Longrange rimfire match

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September match is now history. Not many turned out this month. Hopefully it's just that everyone was busy and not that interest is fading. Yes it's tough but the skills of the shooters have improved so much that it can be anyones win based on just a few targets lost to a change in wind or a dropped round.

I spotted for most everyone all weekend and I was so impressed with how everyone did. Some shooters had absolutely perfect weather with zero wind and some had a bit of breeze but overall it was pretty calm. I shot both guns in a slight breeze and didn't have more than 4 tenths hold off even at 197 yards.

If you don't shoot in the wind you'll never learn to shoot in the wind. Some are figuring out that it is dead calm on my range around 4:00PM. Hope they don't start trying to plan to always shoot then just for that advantage.

Anyway, the one stage that really impressed me the most this match was watching Jim Lochary on his second entry on Saturday shooting the 197 yard KYL (know your limits) stage. The top row (10", 9", 8", 7" and 6") was cleaned by Jim, He dropped down to the lower row (5", 4", 3", 2" and 1") and shot the first one.

Usually in a match everyone stops there or the 4" target. The top row is only worth 1 point each and the second row is worth 2 points each so a miss and losing all your points isn't a killer on your score.

He got a good hit on the 4", thought a bit and went for the 3" and got another hit. That was the most anyone had hit so far during the match. He's a gambler and decided to go for the 2" and hit it. Pretty darn amazing, he did stop there but to hit those 9 plates in a row during a match was pretty impressive. He shot at the 1" for fun and missed it so he did Know His Limit.

The KYL stage got a few of us, I missed and lost all points going beyond my limits with both guns as did a few others. Kinda makes it a fun stage and is a real factor on how you finish even though it's not a high point value stage. Every shot counts.


Match Winner: Jim Lochary, a very impressive 269 which was only 2 points under the highest score on this setup shot last month by Tim Humphrey. Jim wins $25.00 for being top gun this month.

For the drawing I put 18 numbers in the bowl, first one I drew was #5 which was me. I put it back in and redrew and got #11 which is Mick Humphrey. Seems he always wins a drawing at every match he goes to but to be fair he wins the $25.00 drawing. Last month was Mike Moore but I forgot to give it to him at the match. Dave, tell your Dad to come get his last months winning.

Ties were decided by last stage counts.

Score Name Gun Scope Ammo
269 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
262 Chris Kirkpatrick Anschutz SM SWFA Wolf MT
257 Dennis Kirkpatrick Remington 40X SWFA Wolf MT
250 Tim Humphrey Remington 40X Leupold Wolf MT
249 Dennis Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol SWFA Wolf MT
246 John Schumacher Anschutz MPR SWFA Wolf MT
243 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
237 Schawn Lutey CZ 452 SWFA Wolf MT
234 Dave Calipare 10-22 Kidd SWFA Wolf MT
229 Ted Kernik CZ SWFA Wolf MT
223 Mick Humphrey Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
213 Mike Moore Vostok Ural SWFA Wolf MT
211 Dave Calipare 10-22 Kidd SWFA Wolf MT
211 Butch McCort Anschutz 1416 SWFA CCI SV
210 Rube Perkins 10-22 Kidd Leupold Wolf MT
205 Bonnie Calipare 10-22 Kidd SWFA Wolf MT
205 Bill Nesbitt CZ 455 Varmint Vortex Wolf MT
185 Greg Hyslop Anschutz 1416 SWFA Wolf MT

If the weather holds up I might try another one in November for those that still want to shoot the matches. Someone mentioned a stock cheap gun match with a cheap scope and CCI ammo. Another was a peep sight match which would be a lot of fun. We'll see how interest goes for next year.

For those that haven't tried it or skeered of a bit of distance and what Mother does to you out there in her World you don't know what you are missing.


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