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Old 04-25-2018, 12:16 PM
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My 1000 yard 223 pistol

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Finished putting my 223 together in a Gen 1 7 fingers stock. Getting it ready for the Spring 223/308 steel plate match at Rayners tomorrow. They use the same targets as our regular steel plate matches but limit calibers to 223 and 308 only to make for a challenging match.

Targets are varying sizes from 235 yards out thru 1000 yards. Last Spring I managed 3rd place against the rifles but finishing under another 223 pistol shot by Randy Wise who tied for second.

It is based on an undesignated Target Action, McGowen prefit 15 7/8" 7 twist barrel with a match chamber. The stock is one of only a few original design chassis I helped Randy and Joe Updike design with added side panels to add a bit more weight. The side panels are hollowed out and are filled with poured lead. His new stock design lets you fill the panels and center section of the stock with lead shot. These stocks are also made for rifles with a really nice sholder section. Check out his site at .

Shooting Lapua brass, 24.5gr of Vargent with CCI 400 primers at 2630fps. It has a SWFA 5-20 HD scope with 37 mil of travel. It takes 10.5 mil to get to 1000 yards. Doesn't make shooting a 22 rimfire at extreme distances so bad now does it? In case anyone is interested it has 377 1/2 inches of drop at 1000 yards. Same load I shoot in my 7 twist rifle but it runs 2864fps. This is the baby Sister to a 6x47L I just put together and don't even have a scope on it yet with a heavier new design of the same stock from Joe at Accurate Rifle Systems. Hoping to get it out to Thunder Valley this summer to ding that mile target with it.

This is how I shot it last year and will probably use this bipod which is a blend of Sinclair legs and a center section Joe is making to accept the legs. He's planning to make a complete unit and have it on the market shortly. Super steady with easy adjustment and swivel with NO movement.


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Old 04-26-2018, 10:33 AM
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"But a .223 won't shoot 1000 yards."

Haha. Way to show 'em. Good on ya. Thanks for sharing an awesome piece of gear!

BTW, you don't mention what bullet you're using. Your powder/primer combo is the same recipe I used back from 1998-2005 to shoot 1000 yards with my AR Service Rifle; bullets were usually some variety of 80-grain (Nosler, Sierra, JLK, Berger). In 2002 I started using 90-grain JLK's in a 6.5" twist PacNor barrel, but I had to go to N540 and a magnum primer. They held wind a lot better than the 80's.

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Old 05-08-2018, 11:16 AM

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Good to see the bolt pistols still at it!
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