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Old 09-10-2019, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by gmd1950 View Post
PMR's and CMR's are a lot of fun, but loading the magazine correctly is pretty much a must.
is loading the magazine really that difficult?

I just ordered a CMR-30 (probably ordering a PMR to go with it in a couple months)
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Old 09-11-2019, 06:26 AM

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Itís not difficult, but if you donít do it right you might get rimlock.
This is one mag that definitely needs a good speed loader.
I use the nest loader, itís pretty simple to use but is designed to be used on a tabletop. Maglula also has a good looking loader.

None of my mags were lubricated. I did use a dry lube during my PMR break in but when I got the CMR it ran fine on the mags it came with and the mags I already have. Now I just give em a good cleaning, no lube.

I usually only load 25 a mag, two mags equals one box of .22wmr.
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Old 10-16-2020, 04:30 PM

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Not too hard to load

I will admit.. the first couple times I loaded it... it was a little difficult and I slightly dented a couple of the last rounds because I was pushing so hard (they still shot)
And I did get rim-lock once or twice which I knew about as I read the manual and saw all sorts of videos about it.
You just have to make sure the rim on the round you are loading... doesn't go behind the previous rim you just loaded. That is where you get your "rim lock".
I also found that if you tap the magazine against a sturdy surface every five rounds it helps align all the bullets in the mag... kinda helps straighten them all out.
If you don't do that.... the rounds tend to go down all "un-organized" and builds up a little extra tension inside... this could probably lead to the difficulty loading all 30 rounds.
The PMR-30 is a little picky about which rounds it likes. It definitely prefers > 40 gr rounds. I found the Hornady 45 gr self defense rounds to load the best. And they also give the most consistent accuracy out of the CMR-30 so I just go with those for both.

There was this video I watched where someone took some UV cured glue called "5 second fix" and they squirted a fine bead on the back of the mag & it fixed all their failure to feed issues.
I tried it out & must say life has been much better ever since.
All 4 mags that I own all have this done to them and they work almost flawlessly now.

There is just 1 small thing I noticed... if you shoot the PMR-30 and don't have a firm grip/stiff wrist..... you will be "limp wristing" each shot and this can take away from the cycling power and you will still get a failure to feed every now and then.
If you keep a stiff wrist it all goes away... 30 rounds with no FTF.

I let my son shoot the PMR-30 for the first time & he was limp wristing it and had a couple FTF's which solidified my hypothesis on limp wristing even more.

Once I shot it again... all 30 rounds fired every time.

I really like them both.
30 rounds in a small package is not too shabby
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