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Old 02-02-2016, 01:12 PM
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Remington 37 Stock Varieties

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As questions frequently arise regarding Remington 37 stocks, I thought it might be helpful to have some sort of reference concerning the changes.

There were five different stocks for the Remington 37 Rangemaster.

Stock #1 Had a front barrel band on it, very much like the Pre-A, A and early B Model 52 Winchesters. Note the walnut protrusion forward of the barrel band. This stock was made for only a very short time at the beginning of production. Noted shooters of the day called upon Remington to eliminate the superfluous barrel band as it adversely affected accuracy. Remington listened, and so this first stock style disappeared quite early in 1937.

Here's a pic from the October 1936 edition of Remington's in house publication, The Remington Rifle News.

Here's another look at one from the early Remington 37 brochure dated January 1937:

Stock #1A

A variation of stock #1, which I will call style #1A, came about when Remington took the remaining quantities of stock style #1 and removed the forward portion of the stock where the barrel band attachment was made. Heeding the criticism of leading target shooters, Remington decided very early in production to eliminate the barrel band stocks. Rather than just discard the style #1 walnut stocks that had already been made, the company chose to shorten the fore end section of those stocks. The rifles so shortened are identifiable by the extremely short fore end, and all I have seen have had three digit serial numbers. Here are a few photos of stock style #1A.

Notice how little wood there is forward of the hand stop rail!

Stock #2 was very much like the first stock, except for the absence of the barrel band. It differs from stock style #1A by having more wood forward of the hand stop rail. Remington acknowledged this new stock variety with a revised brochure that pictured the new stock. (This brochure is dated November 1937.)

Stock style #2 had a good bit more wood forward of the hand rail assembly than style #1A. Notice the difference:

The first stock varieties (#1, #1A, and #2) had a length of pull of about 14 inches, on the assumption that each shooter would shorten it to his own liking. This stock continued until about 1940. Here is a photo of a type 2 stock, that has been shortened to 13 1/2 inches L.O.P.:

Note it had a rear swivel very much like those used on the Winchester 52:

This inlet swivel was used on all the early stock styles; #1, #1A, #2, & #3.

Stock #3 was the new Randle design Marksman stock that most of us are familiar with. It was introduced about 1940, at about the same time the new “Miracle Trigger” was introduced. These revised rifles were then often referred to as the "Remington 1940 Rangemaster Model 37." It had a 13 1/2 inch length of pull, and a much fuller fore end. The first iteration of this stock design retained the inletted rear swivel assembly used on the first stock designs.

Again, here's a pic from the newly revised Remington brochure:

Stock #4 was identical to #3, except it had a rear swivel that just screwed into the stock, like the Remington 513T, 40x, et al. The simplified rear swivel came into use shortly after World War II, and was likely a cost cutting measure for Remington, as it was cheaper to drill a single hole and screw in a swivel than it was to inlet the earlier style swivel as they had been doing. This final stock was used for the balance of production. Here’s a picture of one of my rifles from 1946 that has a type 4 stock:

Note the simplified rear swivel that came on these last Remington 37 stocks---- not nearly as involved as the earlier inlet variety:

And here is a photo of Stock #2 below a Stock #4, for reference. Remember, the stock in the lower portion of the photo is missing about 1/2 inch of wood at the butt. The muzzles of these two rifles are lined up.

A final note: the number stamped on the butt plate & on the butt of the stock were assembly numbers, and not the serial # of the rifle. They were there to see that the same stock and butt plate, once mated together, would remain together for final assembly, and as such had no resemblance to the rifle’s serial number.

I hope you find this information useful. All the best -----


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Old 02-02-2016, 02:44 PM
Greg Palman
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Nice photos

and descriptions. Hope it makes it to the sticky section.

According to Gyde/Marcot book there was also a select wood option and an oil finish option. It states the oil finish was +$5. Not sure if they mentioned cost for wood upgrade. I presume these two tweaks were real?

I have four 37s. One is 100% untouched and definitely has oil finished stock with absolutely no signs of any refinish activity. It gives the whole rifle a very warm look. I like it. But, I like the other finish too. Varnish or lacquer? --Greg
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Old 02-02-2016, 07:19 PM
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Style #2


I have a Remington Model 37 produced in July '37 (OF) and it has the "Stock #2" style as you describe it.

It has a LOP of 'only' 14" as measured from the mid-point of the pre-Miracle-Trigger to the mid-point of the butt-plate.

I believe the stock has not been cut, as the butt of the stock and the butt plate still have the matching assembly numbers present.

"Lacquer" finish?

"Upgraded" wood?


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Old 03-21-2017, 10:03 PM
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Nice historical summary BRP! A nice original Miracle Trigger version is on my wish list!
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