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Old 05-23-2019, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by GunnieEOD View Post
G'day folks,
couldn't find an "Introduce yourself" post, so this is as good a spot as any to begin eh!

More to the fact, it's a Martini post and these fine firearms are a favourite of mine. Matter of fact KiwiShooter has posted a pick of one of mine in his post. That particular rifle is in 17Ackley Hornet. It has a #4 Shillen barrel fitted, a custom safety in the trigger guard and hand carved stock. It fell into my hands at a ridiculously low cost; couldn't get the money out of the wallet quick enough for fear of the seller changing his mind!!

Currently there are seven Martini's sitting in the safes. Two are original Martini Cadet service rifles in 310Cadet. There's the 17AH, plus another in 22K-Hornet which is a project in the works awaiting stock work.

The other three comprise two rimfires and one I jokingly call the "Franken-Martini" This particular rifle is chambered in 357Mag and is fitted with a heavy weight Tobler barrel.

In the pipeline are two Martini actions awaiting on funding for custom rebuilds. One is a standard Cadet action and I'm planning on a wildcat based on the Australian 222Rimmed cartridge. The 222Rimmed will be necked down to 20-calibre. This is one of the easiest custom wildcats to do; run a 204 reamer in to the same depth as the 222Rimmed - job done. The dies are simply 204Ruger dies shortened to the 222Rimmed length and a single pass through the FLS die sorts out the brass before neck expanding and turning. Should be a good little rig for spotlighting.

The other is an Afghannie Kyber Pass action which was originally 577-450. These actions aren't really much chop per se, but it will be fine for a 22rimfire. So I have a local gunsmith lined up to re-work this action into a 22 plinker with a difference.

I'll have to sort out some pcis of my Martini collection and post here.

Look forward to more info on these fantastic firearms.
Welcome Gunnie.
I'd say yes, you DO like martinis!

Originally Posted by joel_black View Post
This one is my favorite 22 Martinis.

That's a rare beauty!
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Old 06-29-2019, 03:56 PM
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New to me: Lefty BSA MKII "Sporter"

Just picked up a "unicorn": Lefty Sporterized MKII International Martini. Waiting for a scope mount rail to be delivered from EGW. Then I can see what she can do. Even with all the weight that was removed it is still at least 9 1/2 pounds as pictured and I have a 10.5 pound limit where I shoot BR.
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Old 06-30-2019, 04:10 PM

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This is another of my favorite Martinis. It was made by William Tranter and Braedlin and retailed by Bradell in Ireland.

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Old 07-07-2019, 12:17 AM
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BSA International mkII

Here is a mkii I just bought, has original peep sights also. Shoots great.
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