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Hammer Replacement and Trigger Group Disassembly

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Submitted By: The late, great Clyde Hooper of Applegate Sports

This is a great step by step description of how to replace the hammer and disassemble and reassemble the entire trigger group in a 10/22. It starts once you have the trigger group in hand. You may not need to do the complete process if you are just replacing the hammer, but I wanted to post this in it's entirety. I keep a copy on my bench. What I like is that you will learn the names of every part and the corresponding Ruger part numbers. We may not recommend replacing all the springs, etc. that come with the hammer kit anymore, but it is nice to know how to do it all, and what to call each part.

Thanks Clyde.

The first step is to remove pin (B-35) the ejector pin. This releases the bolt lock spring (B-42) on the right side of the hammer as you look toward the front. Next, you remove pin (B-19), the hammer pivot pin. This allows you to remove the hammer (B-17), the two plastic bushings (B-43) and the bolt lock spring (B-42). After the hammer and associated parts are removed, the hammer strut and spring (B-18, B-44, B-45) can be removed.

Removing the trigger, sear and disconnector (B-20, B-23, B-25) assembly is next. To simplify reassembly of this group, make a blind pin (I use a round toothpick), the length of which should be equal to the inside width of the trigger guard (B-2). As you push out the trigger pivot pin (B-21), follow it with the blind pin, pushing the blind pin in far enough so it is completely inside the trigger guard. The trigger/sear/disconnector can then be removed through the top of the trigger guard (B-2). The trigger plunger/plunger spring (B-39, B-40) can be removed and the replacement B-40 installed.

The trigger/sear/disconnector group can be dropped back in to the trigger guard with the trigger coming through the slot in the bottom. Position this assembly so the back of the trigger is holding B-39 B-40 in place, and the holes are lined up to accept B-21, the trigger pivot pin. Push B-21 through the trigger guard, then through the trigger which will push out the blind pin and secure the assembly.

To replace the bolt lock and mag release next push out the magazine latch pivot pin (the other B-35). This allows you to remove the bolt lock (B-41) and the mag release (B-34). B-41 comes out the top, and to remove the mag release push in on B-36, magazine catch plunger, and the mag release will drop out. Put the new pieces in place of the old ones, replace B-35 and those are secure.

Then to replace the hammer spring (B-44), compress the hammer spring (B-44) and the keeper (B-45) will slide off. Remove all the rough edges on the round end of the hammer strut (B-18). I use 600 grit sandpaper on a hard surface and rub all the rough surfaces of the strut nose until they are smooth. Put on the new spring, compress it and replace the keeper.

Next, assemble the hammer, shims (if needed) bushings and bolt lock spring (with the bent leg on the bottom) and lower into the trigger guard- it is a tight enough fit that they all stay together. Safety need to be in the fire position so all the holes line up. When in position, replace B-19, the hammer pivot pin. Rotate the bolt lock spring forward, so the bent leg engages the little slot on the horizontal portion of B-41, bolt release. Insert the ejector pin through the bolt release, ejector (B-8), compress the bolt lock spring below the pin and push the pin into the hole on the right side of the trigger guard. When you replace the hammer strut, make sure the little notch in the keeper (B-45) is facing up. It really makes a difference.

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