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Old 09-04-2019, 08:48 PM
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Gizzy's 39A Old Style Trigger Tuning

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The first thing you might want to do is install a J&P or Wolf reduced power hammer spring. I prefer the J&P spring. I have tested them both, and the J&P is a tad better quality. This will lighten and give a smoother feel to the action if you think it needs it. It will also aid in reducing felt trigger pull weight. As far as CREEP.... this is done by stoning the hammer where the trigger engages.

Remove the butt stock and take the action down to two pieces as if you were cleaning it. Now you can see all the working parts of the action. I want you to work the hammer and watch the trigger as it engages the half cock and full cock notches. Once at full cock, it will seem to be a small ledge, but, this is where your creep is coming from. Squeeze the trigger slowly so you can watch the trigger pull away from the hammer. Now that you see how this works, you need to STONE down the front of the hammer at the FULL COCK LEDGE. What you want to do is shorten the amount of the ledge the trigger has to travel to get out of the hammer. Do this a small step at a time. You do not want to remove too much.

Let me go back. To remove the hammer you must first remove the hammer strut and spring. You will see a bent metal KEEPER at the back of the strut holding the spring on and the KEEPER sets in a thin slot in the receiver tang. You can simply push this keeper out to one side and the hammer strut and spring will come out in your hand. If you wish, you can tap it out with a small hammer or butt end of a screwdriver handle. Now that the pressure is off, just remove the screw that holds the hammer in. Then you can simply pull the hammer out of the slot through the top of the upper tang.

Just remember, when stoning the hammer, go slow, reinstall and try it often. After stoning the hammer at the front, take the stone across the flat ledge once, just to knock off any burrs from stoning.

I do not have pics for this, but if you need some, just holler and I will get you some to help you along. If you are mechanically inclined, you should do fine. If any of this is confusing, please ask about any of this and I will help you through it.

You may want to work the hammer down first, just to see if you need the hammer spring lighter. You may like it once your done. If you want a lighter action, replace the hammer spring with the J&P or Wolf Reduced Power hammer spring.

If you have any questions about anything, please ask.

Steve / Gizzy @ RFC

I will attach pictures of where you can see to stone the hammer. It will be the shiny area where the trigger sets under the ledge on the hammer. Just stone the front of it where you see it being shiny from my stoning. This is to reduce creep only, and go slow.
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