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Old 08-31-2019, 10:14 PM

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I love my S&W model 17-4 and 63 no dash. They are true classics and very fine revolvers. I enjoy shooting and using them. Awhile back i was looking in the gun shop I buy from and seen a Ruger SP101 .22. A new one. Usually a Ruger of current is hit or miss on the finish. The consistent quality Ruger puts out is non existent. I will not buy a Ruger anything without laying hands on it. This SP101 was flawless and a beautiful revolver. I bought it. Put in a Wolff 13 pound hammer spring and set of Badger bocote full grips, not the boot grips. It's a fine little .22 revolver. Again, I would not have bought it without seeing it. I bought one of the Ruger super Blackhawk in .480 a few years back by online and it looked like a monkey had put it together and did the polishing on it. I was so disappointed with how it looked. The grips that came on it, we're so badly fitted it was not even shootable. Ruger made it right and I had a set of grips made and fitted to it. A gun like that should have not left the factory. You can look at new Rugers in the shelf in gun shops and one will be perfect and another right beside it will be shabby. I was very surprised at how well this SP101 was fitted and finished. A 3.00 13 pound hammer spring and a little polishing on the trigger, sear, and hammer with a fine wire brush on a drimmel did wonders for the trigger. Grips for a SP101 are no problem because of the stub grip setup. It will make a fine little kit gun and will holdup well.
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Old 09-01-2019, 09:03 AM
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If you were to get a shorter barrel .22 revolver it sounds like the S&W Model 18 would be a perfect fit. I have always wanted one of them but prices have gone sky-high in the past few years. They have been effectively priced out of the average shooter's budget and for what they are asking for one these days, one wouldn't want to put a ton of rounds through it. It would essentially turn into a safe queen.

I ended up with two different .22 revolvers after the .22 revolver hankering bit me. I currently own a Ruger SP101 .22 new style and a Ruger Single Six 1970's era (6" barrel). I like both of them for different reasons.

In the past I have owned a S&W M-317 and M-617. I found that I didn't like how light the M-317 was and traded up to the M-617. It shot well but was too front heavy for my taste (classic revolver guy here) so I sold it and eventually got the SP101 .22. I did quite a bit of work to it including an action job and trigger spring kit. It is manageable now and shoots well. I do like the fiber optic front sight too.
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Old 09-01-2019, 10:37 AM
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Congratulations on the new Ruger. If there were any issues, Ruger is really good about standing behind their products.

As mentioned above, the S&W Model 18 is a real gem. They are getting hard to find at a real price.
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Old 09-01-2019, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by OldWolf View Post
Hi Buckwheat!

Ive been monitoring this thread out of great interest. Mostly to see where the heck it might go. Its great fun!

It looks to me that you are pretty content with your trusty Buckmark and 9.5 Single Six. Now you are beginning to think that you might not get anything at all. Maybe that will be what you ultimately decide to do, who knows at this point??

You have a great revolver Check.
You have a great semi-auto Check.

But let me put another option on the table for you to chew on. You say you want an accurate squirrel pistol. Let me suggest a Thompson Center Contender. You can start with 22 LR and expand out to most any cartridge you little heart desires.

Let me show you one of my Contenders. It is a stainless frame version with a MGM 12 22LR match chamber. I have it set up for Silhouette shooting and the scope is a rifle scope so that I can shoot standing with a Taco hold, per regulations.

Here is a sample of its capabilities. This is 10 rounds of SK STD+ at 50 yards with the forearm laying on a shooting bag. I just shot at the target, doing the best I could. I am not a great shot truth be told. Certainly, others can do better with it. It does shoot better than most of my rifles.

One of my favorite squirrel guns! Carry your Ruger 9 1/2" and sling a scoped TC for reaching out there.
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Old 09-07-2019, 12:19 AM

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Here is a classic revolver that is nice enough for me and maybe you too. A Smith and Wesson of course!

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