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Results August Topstraps Longrange (midrange) Match

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Well I guess I am a little late getting last weekends match report out. Just been busy with equipment breakdowns and trying to get the new bottom metal milled (hacked) out for my Izhmash Biathalon chassis.

Weather was decent with no rain but had periods thru the day with some shifting winds that play havoc on my smaller targets. Some have figured out early or late is calmest times but my hat is off to those that come and do battle with Mother Nature no matter what the conditions.

Randy Wise won with his Anschutz Exemplar pistol this month, just not any bonus targets for the peep sight guys to keep up with him. Have to give that more thought..... Could make Randy shoot 2 or 3 stages offhand to even things up some.

Gotta mention I was really impressed with Cuda shooting the regular scoped targets with my BSA Martini International, he was hitting things that I couldn't see with my naked eye. Quite a few are so small you have to have a scope to see them, quite impressive. He reentered with his H&R mod 12 with peeps and shot the regular peep sight targets (4moa) and even used an antique range finder for the unknown distance target and hit it. Only two shooters hit it, most optioned out and shot the "split the bullet" target with quite a few splitting 3 out of 5 shots.

Probably do another one next month, there were 2 other shoots that I know of on the same weekend for rimfires so it is getting busy, that is a good thing but also bad it divided up the shooters. Will see how it goes month to month. I haven't been to a car show yet this year but having a good time shooting with others safely.

As much as I have been having great success with Gecco Rifle in most of my guns even at extended distances Chris found out our Remington 37 with a Johnson barrel hates it, was so bad it wouldn't hit the 62 yard dominoes after struggling with the Humbler Rack. We never tried it in that gun but figured most of my others liked it so why not expect the same. Grabbed some old Wolf, which it likes and continued but it's crazy how some guns like certain ammo and others don't.

On to the results, Winner was Randy Wise so he gets a free entry next match. The two drawing winners for $25.00 are Bub Ellwood and Karen Marsh. I'll have it here to pick up next match. All ties are done using reverse count including the bonus target.

Before I forget, we got to meet and welcome one of our newest citizens to the her new home in the USA Judds wife Analice which I figured out with my Red Neck language correction substituting the first A with a soft U which comes out Uana which She said was pretty darn close to being correct. Great Gal you have Judd, hope you have many happy years together after everything you both went thru to get her here legally. Welcome to the USA. Better watch out because she'd gonna be a great shooter and keep you on your toes.

Chris and I don't count our scores for my matches.

82 Dennis Kirkpatrick Win 52-D Peep Sights Geco Rifle
74 Chris Kirkpatrick Rem 37 SWFA Geco Rifle/Wolf MT (old)

1. 90 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar pistol NF SK pistol
2. 84 Dave Calipare V-Gun NF SK Biathalon
3. 82 Cuda Gatten H&R mod 12 Peep Sights Geco Rifle
4. 81 John Schumacher Anschutz MPR SWFA Wolf (old)
5. 80 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR NF Wolf (old)
6. 79 Tim Humphrey Rem 40-X NF SK Biathalon
7. 79 Jerry Shaw H&R mod 12 SWFA Eley CMP
8. 79 Davey Pritts Anschutz 1710 Vortex Viper SK Biathalon
9. 78 Bill Nesbitt V-Gun Vortex SK Blue
10. 77 Bub Ellwood Rem 40-X Lucid SK
11. 77 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Match
12. 74 Dan Piatt Anschutz MPR SWFA SK std.
13. 73 Butch McCort Rem 40-X SWFA CCI std.
14. 72 Bill Nesbitt (2) 10/22 SWFA SK Biathalon
15. 71 Justin Mateer CZ 455 Vortex SK
16. 71 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA CCI std.
17. 67 Matt Shatto CZ 455 SWFA SK
18. 67 Josh Moodispaw Rem 40-X SWFA CCI std.
19. 66 Bob Brown Marlin 2000 SWFA Federal
20. 65 Bob Ellwood Rem 40-X Lucid SK Rifle Match
21. 63 Chuck Wagner Rem 40-X SWFA CCI std.
22. 62 Tom Rayner Krico Bushnell CCI std.
23. 60 Analice Alves Siqueira (hope I spelled that right) Kidd 10/22 Vortex SK
24. 60 Derrick Warren 10/22 Vortex CCI std.
25. 56 Cuda Gatten BSA Martini Peep Sights shooting scope targets Gecco Rifle

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