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Originally Posted by Gizmo60 View Post
Originally Posted by gcrank1 View Post
...... Typically you do not want the rear bag to be putting 'influences' upon the rifle. This means not having the rear of the pistol grip into the bag and with the bag somewhere in downslope of the stock. To that end a rear sling stud is a hang-up spot, you dont want it there. And for me that also means a front stud is often in the way too. They are not benchrest friendly.

Experiment with the bag anywhere from almost at the buttplate/pad to shy of the pistol grip. Fwiw, ime, vertical dispersion is often from an inconsistent positioning of rear bag under the stock or shoulder on/behind the pad. These errors make for an inconsistent recoil impulse resulting in vertical.
Great advice given by all and I would heed GCrank's suggestions and also bin the front/read swivel studs.

Giz <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smilie" class="inlineimg" />
Front rear studs taken out and stowed away.
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Old 08-05-2019, 12:05 PM

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Originally Posted by doclu60 View Post
Originally Posted by Frontrange42 View Post
I’m glad you braved the onslaught of the experts. So my set up is a disaster. No worries, i appreciate your honesty and opinion.
I want to use this bag rider. The front bag I used fit the block of wood perfectly. That was my logic in that matter.
When I set the rifle with rider into the rest at lowest setting the rifle was pointed at the sky. I then used the only thing I had (block of wood) to shim up the rear bag. It turned out to be too much so I raised the rest. Yes, I absolutely agree it’s way to high. I think the lowest setting on the rest still puts the rifle to high. I’m more stable with my upper body flat on table with elbows out.
I tried the bag that came with the rest, it’ seems to be a good fit for my stock (for all I know). I used it without the rider and my groups were good but no better than I could get off my old bags.
The rod that the forearm hits that you say to use. I think that little mechanism looks good on an engineers drawing but in reality useless. My rifle shoots better when supported just in front of magazine.
Forget about my advice sir. It is based on meaningless experience. I will try taking the stop off of all my competition rests and getting more stable by laying on the bench and sticking my elbows out. BTW: The rests I shoot were designed by competitors in high level rimfire benchrest competitions, not by engineers. OMG! everyone of them has a front stop.......for a reason.

Stick with your help from DrGunner. He is a great guy, much more eloquent than myself and he was my first mentor in rifle shooting. Carry on...........
I will admit my opinion on the stop was hasty and influenced by my frustration that the rifle shot better supported much closer to receiver. Forgive me if i came across as discounting your knowledge and advice.
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Old 08-05-2019, 12:41 PM
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A bag rider attachment has to be PARALLEL to the barrel and both the forarm and butt stock. That way, when the gun recoils rearward the barrel does not tip up or down. Or side to side for that matter. And minimal friction front and rear.

If you your gun does tip a bit on firing it does help to use the stop that comes with most rests. You want to use that either way. After each shot you push the gun back to the same forward position.

Unfortunately, a good bench rest gun is pretty much useless for anything else.

I got curious and looked at some McmIllan stocks. It seems a little angle on the butt is ok. That follows what I see Anschutz selling. I believe the 64 based bench rest gun is 1300??. Serous money and this is a gun that is truly dedicated to the bench only. There is something to be said for two guns here. A field and off hand gun (or position)with an appropriate scope and stock and a heavy with the appropriate stock and scope.

Ah, not to be an elitist snob jerk here,but; it is worth saying the bench has to be rock solid. Cement or heavy timbers. Gun club stuff. That kitchen table looks more solid than the portable rest.

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