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They could certainly be used for TC contenders... They could also be custom fitted to a Ruger or Browning pistol just as easily.

Chances are they would be cut in half and fitted as 6" or shorter target barrels - 6" is a pretty standard size - the 14" blank would give you two and then you trim off the worst end and cut the chamber at what used to be the ends - the muzzle would be cut from the "middle section". But you could do all sorts of combinations to get longer and shorter barrels like 8"/5", 7"/6" or whatever.

That was a pretty common practice back in the day - a barrel blank was made double length and was then cut in half for two finished barrels. For a rifle that made the blank pretty long - perhaps 4 feet or longer...

It was cut in half so the middle "clean rifling" got crowned as the new muzzle and the old ends (that got belled out from the lap changing direction or reamer runout) became the chamber ends.
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Originally Posted by 96stroke View Post
GH41, guess I will have to lay it all out for you as you obviously just want to argue.
1. Some of us have jobs that don't allow for 24/7 internet access
2. I am fully aware of how a barrel is hammer forged. If you will look at the pictures, the marks on the large end, END, precisely align with the hammer forge die indention on the OD indicating the direction for the machine to line them up and yes the OD of the barrel is larger as it has to be in order to forge it down. Should I state the conservation of mass to you and state that as the barrel shrinks in OD that it will get longer, so yes it probably started out at 10-11 inches and 1.5 inch OD to end up with a tapered 14 inch barrel with a 1 inch OD at the muzzle.
3. As for what is cut on a lathe, if we know that the OD is hammer forged (still has marks on it) minus the chamber end long enough for the machine to hold it, we have established that the chamber end is unaltered due to OD and hammer die marks, and post #4 you stated that they would be cut down by 2 inches for most smiths; that means that the 2 inches would have HAD to come off the muzzle end of the barrel. If you will again refer to the pictures, the muzzle is lathe turned. Put all this together and if they were cut, they were cut on muzzle on a lathe.
4. I used CERROSAFE and slugged the barrel to get bore and grove diameters. I pored it (about 1 inch slug as had barrel plugged with a cleaning patch) and then immediately removed it after solidification, and then waited 1 hour at room temperature for it to return to exact dimensions of the barrel for measurement. Yes this is per the metallic properties of the material and the exact method the manufacture specifies. It measures .215 bore and .222 grove, reinforcing the fact it is a 22 rimfire barrel not centerfire. I used a cleaning rod with patch and a green masking tape flag to the the twist rate, just in case you wanted all the details on that also.
5. 1:14 twist may not be common, but it is not uncommon. After doing more research (since you sir certainly were not helpful), 1:14 is rather standard for pistol barrels and any bullet up to 50 grn. Shilen stated that more than likely these were for custom Thompson Center Contender barrel blanks for a smith to finish out. As a side note, 1:14 twist is also common for building special purpose suppressed rifles for subsonic ammo.
6. Nothing that you have stated helps establish the original question of who make these. Some manufacturers have unique features that automatically stand out to certain people, hence why I asked here.
I have no reason to argue with you at all. Just trying to keep you from buying junk that it appears you have already purchased. You didn't purchase a barrel blank... You bought a barrel taken out of the production line for an unknown reason. Only you can determine if it was worth your time and money. Good luck.
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