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Originally Posted by papalondog View Post
Gray digger was digging holes all over our orchard last week. Shot him in the head at 110 yards out the bedroom window with my Anschutz 1720 sporter barrel. Good enough.
Kinda my philosophy as well. I took my Steyr Zephyr II and Anschutz 1522, both 22 magnums to the bench this afternoon. Pricey rifles in this cartridge can suck too as you can see. In an attempt to save a little face, the wife and kids didn't give me much time to shoot, it was breezy and the sun was in my eyes. Lol
There is nothing to brag about regarding how they punch paper. In fact, they are the two worst shooting rimfires I own. But I don't try to shoot squirrels in the head with them. I do take groundhogs, coons, foxes and crows with them, and they do very well. Oh ! And one coyote. I really like that little accuracy challenged cartridge. KIMG1732.JPG

These groups were at 50 yards. Top two rows are the Steyr, bottom two are the Anschutz. USBR target for reference. Didn't measure the groups, but the circle is two inches across. Both rifles started with Winchester 34gr. and ended with CCI 40gr. I apologize for my image going sideways, I don't know how to turn it right side up.
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Old 09-29-2019, 01:26 PM
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Thanks for your target and post

'accuracy challenged cartridge'...so true

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Old 09-29-2019, 09:02 PM
David Valdina
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Ammo or rifle ???

Just a sharing of my experience. I did have an Anschutz in .22 magnum and I never could get it to shoot well. The much less expensive Marlin did better, and I kept that rifle. I have no idea why, just the results. I felt badly as I did want to Annie to do well.
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