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Old 03-02-2019, 12:06 AM
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Again, sorry to take so long answering. Didn't think to check back in on the thread after the first couple of replies.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
That is a classic SuperStock rifle if I have ever seen one. Very nice.

Remember that the finest accuracy comes from TUNING that rifle with bedding, barrel support and loads chosen to shoot. I am sure it shoots well now but it is often possible to cut group sizes by 50% with a little tuning.

As for the stock? I would not change a thing!
Will get to the bedding eventually. I wanted to make sure I was going to stick with this stock, which I am (sold the Richard's Monte Carlo already). I have had a few momentary lapses thinking I might want to put a heavy taper barrel on instead. But now I think that'll either be another build or I'll just pick up an LVT and go from there.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Your charging handle will likely get dinged over time. Many of the ejected cases hit the handle and the bigger it is the more hit it. All my aluminum handles have gotten pitted from this.

I once had a jamming problem on one with a long handle. After watching a You Tube slow motion of the 10/22 ejection cycle I got the idea that the longer handle was knocking the cases back into the action. Changed handles and zero jams!!

Anyway it is very pretty. Hope I am wrong. Check it occasionally to see how it is going. REALLY nice rifle!
You're probably right about the charging handle, though nothing major yet. But the fellow RFCer who was nice enough to turn the wood for me made several at the same time, and with that JWH set-up it's easy to swap out just the wood.

Originally Posted by crackedcornish View Post
nice build much as I like DSP's modded with the GM HT barrels, it has me thinking about doing another with a sporter barrel

how are you liking the TI trigger blade in the BX?

and that scope has nice proportions on that rig, how is it working for ya'?

maybe your Mont Carlo would look good with a 19" GM HT barrel in it
Lovin' the TI trigger blade. Feels great and I like the color contrast.

The Weaver Grand Slam scope is the best I've ever owned. Wish I could afford more.

As mentioned above, I sold the Mote Carlo already. I love good wood and I'm pretty good at refinishing. But that one was too big a challenge... 99% indeed (smh)! What I'd really like is finding someone making finger groove repros in fancy walnut for an HT barrel.

Cheers all! Thanks for all the input!
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