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Old 01-01-2017, 06:13 PM
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I also like a muzzle heavy feel off hand with rifles and pistols.

Off subject posts are a long tradition in all three SuperStock based forums because they are fun and we have had so many guys with crazy stories. We actually got our nick name of being "pirates" because in the early days of SS when we were brainstorming we constantly pirated each others threads with ideas. One night a new guy signed on and asked a question that got a bunch of guys thinking and they just rampaged the poor guy's thread so I asked them (mostly Ricochet) to get back on subject and quit pirating the guy's thread.

Ricochet and others went nuts and by the next day we were the S.S. SuperStock pirate ship I was the Captain and Rico was the First Mate. Anyone got out of line (probably by acting "normal" in a lunatic forum) they were threatened with walking the plank. Norah Jones was voted our mascot and her song "Chasing Pirates our theme:

As for my 80% receivers they were from a crowd funding project that was around here. The first run had rails that out of spec but mine are right on. I bought 4 ($25 a piece!) and gave two to a gunsmith friend of mine for letting me use his very nice mill to drill and ream the holes. No drill press job I think. Most drill presses are not square with the table not being a truly 90 deg to the drill with out some work.

These have a rail that runs full length and I think that is ugly for a SuperStock Sporter so I think once I figure out where I want the rings to go the rest of one receivers rail will be machined off leaving a thin solid rail between the rings.

The second one MAY become a "Charger" clone. If so I will leave the rail on that one. Between a lack money and a lack of motivation, honestly, they have been sitting for a year ready to go.

The other two have been built into rifles and they both worked great. Several people had trouble with these but they all used drill presses to my knowledge and they drilled holes that should have been reamed to a tighter spec.

I also changed a few things like the size of the vee block holes to let them use more common machine screw sizes than the funky ones Ruger uses. Actually they are within arm's reach right now and the disassembled rifle that I was getting ready to exchange receivers on to test them is not more than 6 feet away. I guess I should gather up some energy to just throw them together for testing. The rifle one will likely get Gunkoted satin black that matches Ruger finish perfectly but I want to test, machine the rails and engrave the serial number (this so they can be transferred to my daughter when I take leave of this world).

I also have a nice finger groove stock for one if the guy ever gets the finish done! It has only been a year I have waited for this!
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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