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Old 07-04-2013, 06:31 PM
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Welcome to the School of Woodworking Knowledge.

The links to Noremf's works are in PDF files, so you can adjust the size for easier reading on your screen or if you'd like a hard copy, the print quality will be much better... however, if you would like to enter the respective RFC thread to leave a comment, etc., just click on the <RFC> tab to the right of each title.

Things to Avoid on Finishes

The Dangers of Non-natural Waxes and All Polishes___<RFC>

Howard's Feed-N-Wax and others___<RFC>

Scratch-X and automotive products on wood___<RFC>

Perils of Bubble Wrap___<RFC>

Stock Prep

BLO and Other Plant/Vegetables and Their Removal Part 1

BLO and Other Plant/Vegetables and Their Removal Part 2

Steel wool and a better alternative___<RFC>

Slurry Sanding/Stock Prep___<RFC>

Bleaching Wood - "Nuclear Option"___<RFC>

Making a stock imperfection invisible___<RFC>

Drop Filling stock imperfections___<RFC>

Stripping a stock-3 ways, how and why___<RFC>

Using old socks for stripping lacquer___by Oldblades

Stains and Dyes

Dyes vs Stains-Condensed (I hope)___<RFC>

DYI-Coloring Wood-Your ingenuity only barrier___<RFC>

Dyes and How to Use Them From a Wash to Full Strength___<RFC>

Stock finishing

A Couple of “Golden” Rules for Stock Finishing-or Furniture for that Matter___<RFC>

Hardness comparisons of finishes___<RFC>

Rubbing/Polishing/Burnishing a stock___<RFC>

Cleaning a Topcoat___<RFC>

Color effects and curing with various topcoats___<RFC>

Spraying a topcoat-lacquer but works for others___<RFC>

Lacquer Formulations___<RFC>

Effects of sunlight on finishes, color wise, and chatoyance___<RFC>

Stock Repair

Glue comparisons___<RFC>

SCRATCH REPAIR or something I wish I could remember/too complicated or I don't care___<RFC>

Mechanical fasteners for wood repair___<RFC>


Gunner Bedding___by DrGunner

Glass (Pillar) Bedding___by John Picher

Bedding a CZ 452___by Bill40718

Bedding a CZ 455___by davkrat


Inletting Black___by Oldblades


First Scratches (Checkering 101)___by ek-marlin-424

CHECKERING: Who would like to see how?___by SGW Gunsmith

Tips and Triva

Wrapping a stock___<RFC>

Wood finishing trivia but maybe amusing___<RFC>

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