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Old 12-29-2008, 09:24 AM
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Measuring Targets for SS/B games....

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This question always seems to come up when new shooters come onboard the SuperStock Pirate Ship, so I'll try my best to explain how it's done, and hopefully get this posted as a sticky so it can be accessed without a lot of searching......

First and most important.....

Before shooting a target for any game here at SS/B, please go to the first post in that game, read and understand all the rules to the game before you start. This way there are no hurt feelings when the game operator tells you that it doesn't qualify. Every game has a different set of rules and guide lines to follow, but you will find that some targets will qualify for more than one game.

Tools needed to measure your targets......

A decent set of calipers, they can be the old fashion dial type, or the digital kind, but every target that requires group size measurement must be measured with calipers. Software based measuring programs are not permitted for any SuperStock Bolt game, and your target will not be accepted if that is how you measured it.

Every game target requires that you shoot 4 groups, and 4 measuring shots.


There are a variety of targets available for download from the "Targets" sticky at the top of the SuperStock Bolt forum page, you may use any of those that work best for you, your rifle, and the sights being used, home made targets must be laid out it the same way as the printed one's with an area for 4 groups, and another area for 4 measuring shots.

Every game has different rules applied to the number of shots per group, again you must read and understand the rules to each game before you shoot. For games that require 5 shot groups, all five shots must be placed on your target, in the area or bulls eyes for those groupings.

Measuring shots....

4 separate single shots must be fired from the same rifle, using the same ammo as used in the groups, and on the same target or piece of paper. These shots must be separate from each other, and separate from the groups shot, or the target will not count or qualify.

Measuring your target......

Part 1 - Measure each of your 4 measuring shots and record those measurements. Measure from the outside of the smudge marks left by the bullet, and not the actual hole in the paper. You will find that they will on average come out somewhere between .215" and .230" depending on the ammo, and type of target paper used, but each shot must be measured and it's size recorded on the target next to the shot.
Next, using a calculator, add up all 4 shots, and divide by 4, this will give you your average measurement size, and this number will also be your subtractor for the group size measurements. This number should also be recorded on your target.
Part 2 - Measure the groups from the farthest two points of impact, measure from the outside smudge marks left from the bullet, and not the actual hole, then record this measurement for each of the 4 groups. Subtract the average measurement shot from each group, the remaining number will be your actual group size recorded for that target.
Part 3 - Some games are scored by average group size, this will require one more step or calculation. Take all 4 final group size measurements, add them up, and divide by 4 to get the over all group average.

Some final hints, and suggestions....

When doing your math on a calculator, always use the decimal point so the calculator can break it down.
We usually only use the "tenths", "Hundredths", and "Thousandths" after the decimal point, in other words, your score recorded should look like....( .250" ) and not ( .2495" )
All games but one require you use "Standard" measurements, and one game is calculated in "Metrics", if your calipers only measure in standard format, measure it in standard format, then use a standard to metric conversion program to convert it.

One last thought to keep in mind......

These are all "For Fun" games, there are no prizes, and no one here is competing against you, we shoot these games for bragging rights only, but more importantly to see how well our rifles and ourselves can shoot. It also helps us improve our shooting skills, and we hope that everyone will put those improved skills to good use at some of the other online matches here at RFC.
The reason there are rules connected with these games is to keep it fair for everyone who wants to play, and by doing it right, and honest, you will also be able to track your own improvements in the target shooting sports.....

Now get out there and have some fun....or walk the plank.....

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