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Anchored Receiver

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Submitted By: Ole' Man River

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Anchoring the Receiver and Trigger Group to the Stock
Instructions for doing the 10/22LR and Magnum receiver and trigger group anchoring.

I'll try to make this as descriptive as I can. You may have to visualize some of it.

The pins I used are called Binder Posts. They are used to bind 3-hole notebook paper together and are available at office supply and hardware stores.

Every stock made for the 10/22LR's and the 10/22 Magnums has a shelf where the receiver sets along with the trigger group. Take the trigger group out along with the bolt and handle, etc. from the receiver. It is easier also if a barrel is not installed.

Place the receiver in the stock and just get the take down screw started for alignment only. Pressure on the receiver while the stock is upside down must be kept constant to keep it in place. Get your self a propane torch and an Allen wrench that is just a bit smaller than the holes in the receiver. Holding the Allen wrench with a pair of vise grips, heat the end to cherry red and carefully place the hot end into the hole in the receiver and rock the wrench back and forth side ways, keeping it straight up with the sides of the stock. What your doing is burning a hole thru the stock to line up with the holes in the receiver. It takes a while to do this as the wrench cools pretty fast. As soon as you start to get toward the outside, go-slow and you won't burn the outside finish. You'll know when you're about to punch/burn thru. Do this for all four holes.

Get a high quality tungsten 3/16" drill bit or the size that matches the binder pins you are using and drill out the pin holes in the receiver sides. Those holes where the pins go that hold the trigger group in. You will need a drill press to do this as the receiver is a very hard material and you have to go slow as the bit and receiver get very "Hot". Keep oiling the bit and holes as you go. If needed keep a bucket of water handy to help cool the receiver if it gets to hot. Also drill out the holes in the trigger group. Best to do this by hand using a pair of vise grips to hold the drill bit as the trigger group is aluminum.

After drilling the holes you will have to use a round file to touch up the holes some. A 5/32 chain saw file works great. Opening them up just a bit so you can get the posts thru them. Trial and fit, you don't want the holes to be too big.

Next remove the receiver from the stock and do a trial fit of the pins thru the receiver and trigger group as an assembly.

Taking the round file you used before, polish up the holes in the stock and trial fit the pins thru them. You want to get a bunch of different lengths of the binder pins so they fit almost flush with the outside of the stock, but not quite. You can file down the ends of the pins some if needed.

Next place the trigger group in the stock moving it into position and then lay the receiver down over the trigger group. Using the file as a drift pin, start the binder pins thru and adjust as needed. Then do the next one. After your satisfied with the fit of the pins and their length, take it all apart and put the barrel and receiver back together and do it again. Tighten the binder posts so they are snug but not over tight as you can put too much side pressure on the receiver and may bind the bolts travel. I did this on a Magnum receiver, where a LR receiver being aluminum could be really affected. After you have the receiver and trigger group anchored then you can put the take down screw in and tighten it all down. The receiver and trigger group along with the take down screw really anchor it in and you should get absolutely no movement.

Better than bedding it.

If you have any questions or problems let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

Good Luck and I know it will improve the accuracy of your rifle.


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