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Old 03-19-2008, 10:14 PM
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SuperStock Bolt Action Sporter Class

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SuperStock Bolt Action Sporter Class


Any mass produced bolt action receiver bolt turn pull and straight pull.

Any internal performance enhancing modification is allowed.

Unsafe action mods will not be recognized by this forum as suitable for posting or playing in any SSB attached games.

Any type of refinishing is allowed. Bluing, anodizing, painting with air dry or bake on finishes are acceptable.

Outward dimensional changes and radical machining of actions is not acceptable. This is a stock appearing class of actions.

Threading for barrel attachment is considered an internal unrestricted modification.

Any factory loaded rimfire caliber is approved being currently

17 cal: 17M2 and 17HMR

20 cal: 5mm Rem

22cal: 22 Short, 22 Long, 22 Long Rifle, 22 WRF, 22 WMR.

Obsolete calibers like 25 Stevens and 22 Rem Special for example, will be acceptable.


Factory and aftermarket barrels that are not more than .700" outside diameter at the muzzle.

Octagon barrels will be measured across the flats.

Barrels must be at least 16" long but may any length past that.
NO flash hiders or muzzle brakes.
NO movable weight on the barrels of any kind.

Barrels may be set back and rechambered.

Barrels may be shortened and/or crowned.

Barrels maybe relined to the same or different caliber.


Any open or "peep" type sight is legal.

Any telescopic scope is legal.

Any dot or reflex type sight is legal.

Lasers used for aiming are not legal.


Any factory produced sporter stocks are legal including thumbholes.

Any after market sporter stocks with forearm less than 2.5 inches wide and non thumbholes are legal.

No adjustable cheek pieces or butt plates. Forearm rails inlet into the forearm but NOT USED with accessories are legal. Edit: Adjustable butt plates WILL be accepted as long as they are a normal butt plate w/o prongs or protrusions for support under or over the arm of the shooter.
No keels or rails extending from or attached to the forearm to make the stock ride bags straighter.

Any factory material such as wood, wood laminates and synthetics such as plastic or fiberglass are legal.

Any aftermarket stock matching the above requirements will be legal except thumbholes which are not legal aftermarket stocks.

Any finish such as oil, poly, dies, stains or paint used alone or in combination are legal.

Butt pads made of rubber, plastic or appropriate metals are legal.

General Rules:

All rifles must meet legal requirements to overall length.

To add rules or remove rules a voice vote should be taken.

Safety first. Do not build an unsafe rifle. Trigger guard and safety must remain on the rifle after modification

Please note: I am closing this thread to keep it clean. If you want to debate anything here we will do that in the thread "SSB Sporter Rules Comment"

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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