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Old 10-10-2019, 12:05 PM

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Got a funny feeling about this one

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A Model 61, RB, .22 LR, SN 98997, for auction at Milestone Lot 290 in November. Take a look at the funky caliber stamp on the barrel and then compare it to the rifle in Lot 292. I would tread real lightly around the LR Only gun.

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Old 10-11-2019, 08:06 AM

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I think the bbl may be an orig 22LR (only) marked bbl. Wether it's orig to THAT rifle I don't know. That's always suspect these days!

But as far as the caliber marking,, I think what is seen is the remnants of a refinish done by spin polishing over the original heavy roll marking.
The roll marking having orig been done on those AFTER the final polishing (also a spin polish)
But that left the metal puckered or slightly lifted around each letter and number in the roll stamp address or caliber marking.
You can see that easily in the Lot292 rifle especially if you enlarge the pic.

When the orig roll stamped marking is polished over even lightly especially by using spin polishing, the tops of those puckered or push up metal surfaces are cut down.
They can be cut down quickly so the lettering is nice and flush with the surface.
Makes for an OK looking reblue job, but not a good restoration.

This attempt tried to stay away from that and leave the orig look IMO.
But what they got was the in between look of those slightly darker bars betw the letters. Those are the remnants of the puckered metal ridges with the tops cut off from polishing,,then the bbl reblued.

They got a little heavy handed around the caliber marking,,maybe some light pitting was there. Maybe just trying to avoid the rear sight dovetail while spin polishing which can carve out that dovetail quickly if you don't use a wide enough belt some experience to span the gap. Maybe they just weren't watching what they were doing. Who knows.

Also the forend wood looks refinished. The ever so slight rounding of the 'flat' wood surfaces as they meet the cut rings is a clue. Who ever did the refin used sandpaper on a block most likely but narrrow in width and worked around those rings and as a a result you get that less than dead flat appearance.
The finish isn't a 70yr old finish either,,no matter how well it was stored or handled.
Again look at Lot292 for the dead flat wood right up to the cut rings and the 'look' of the finish.

JMO of course,,but I've seen truck loads of these.
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