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Old 10-03-2019, 10:16 AM

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"....when the action slide is in the forward position, the bolt is fully down and if you grab the side of the bolt and lift up it's locked into place...."

Yes,,but is the bolt being held down and appear locked in place simply because the slide is holding it there. But the firing pin lock is not quite engaged.
The slide action being full forward or nearly so will hold the bolt down so you can't manually lift it up by grasping the sides. But it isn't 'locked' by way of the firing pin locking lug.
This sequence will allow the rifle to cycled w/o having to 'unlock' the action

..Or is the bolt actually down all the way and locked into the frame by way of the small locking lug on the left side of the firingpin being fully engaged in the frame cut.
This is what you are seeing when you insert the bolt alone and push it shut w/o the slide in place.
It closes a bit more I suspect and the firingpin lug snaps shut and locks it closed. You must unlock the bolt by pushing in on the rear of the firing pin to unlock the bolt.

When you pull the slide handle all the way forward,,and with some force,,watch the back end of the firing pin.
It should go forward into the back of the breechblock,,then snap back out as the lug engages the frame to lock the bolt into the closed position.

If it doesn't snap back out, it's not locking. The bolt is not being drawn down far enough by the slide.
Either the slide is limited in it's forward movement. Or the small round cam on the end of the slide is worn so much that it can't pull the bolt forward and down that last little amt to lock it. Or the cam slot on the bolt itself is worn especially at the bottom forward end.
Too much slack betw the bolt cam slot and the cam button on the end of the slide bar will leave the bolt just short of closing all the way and locking.

Sometimes you can check for this manually by closing the gun slowly using the slide handle. Then push on the forward top edge of the breech bolt with your thumb.
See if the bolt then drops down a small amt and 'clicks' as it runs that tiny bit more forward and then locks. The amt that the slack in the cam and slide could do for you.

The bbl fitted from another Model rifle is fine if the breech has had the carrier and the extractor cuts done to it.

I don't have a 1906 at hand,,but IIRC:
The carrier cut is a small bevel at 6 oclock.
The extractor cut is from 3 oclock and straight down

The rear magazine ring must not block the pump handle from moving all the way forward the distance it needs to go. Otherwise the slide will not pull the bolt closed all the way. On a refitted bbl from another rifle, check to make sure they didn't just use the old mag tube ring fitment and let it go at that.

I think I'm done!
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Old 10-03-2019, 07:37 PM

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Thanks very much. The problem as you described it wasn't quite what was happening, but was close enough to help me find the problem. The firing pin lock was just engaging, strong enough such that you couldnt lift it with your fingers, but the extra mechanical advantage of the slide action was enough to lift the bolt. I filled a mm or so off of the front end of the firing pin stop which allowed the firing pin to retract further to the rear and achieve more purchase in the cut out in the receiver.... locks up and cycles properly now. Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions, happy days!
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Old 10-06-2019, 08:24 PM

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Glad you got 'er working right.
Nice little rifles.
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