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Old 09-22-2019, 11:43 AM

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Tweaking A New 10/22

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I'm wanting to tweak a 10/22 and would like a few pointers and opinions from the experts here. I fully realize that my questions will have multiple good answers but hopefully you guys will share some insights with me.

My goal is to build a nice, heavy barreled 10/22 yet keep the cost within reason as much as possible. Although this rifle may not be 100% to a Kidd custom rifle's standards, I'm certain it will out perform its owner's abilities. (ME!)

I'm asking these questions now as I'm assuming there will be some good sales through the Holidays and Black Friday and want my ducks in a row when the opportunities arise.

First, barrel choice:

I seemingly remember a thread here sometime back where there was a Green Mountain barrel group buy at a decent price.

Am I correct and if so how often are these purchases organized on here, and approximately what is the cost?

Aside from appearance are there any major benefits for stainless or blued barrels and aside from Green Mountain and of course Kidd, what are some other good barrel choices?


As of now I'm considering a Titan, a Magpul, and even a Ruger Sporter stock opened up to accept the barrel.


I want this rifle for a bit longer ranges. Should I consider a MOA rail and if so what MOA and which brands do you recommend?

Trigger: I've decided about 95% to go with the Kidd.

Your thoughts, insight, input, and opinions are appreciated.

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Old 09-22-2019, 02:17 PM

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What receiver are you planning on using?

I am not sure about a green mountain group buy but in my experience they are great barrels. You can get them from rimfire sports & custom online for great prices and free shipping. They start at $104 for the plain 20" which I have used 5 or 6 of now and every single one shot great.

I have a magpul stock on one if mine and I like it alot. The titan is very appealing to me but I do not have one. However if I need another stock it is on my short list.

As for the rail I would say no harm in using a 20 MOA rail. I have used an EGW rail and been very happy with it. It was about $35 as I recall.

Trigger hands down kidd is the best. A complete group is really nice but the trigger job kit is very close for a good bit less. I just got my first kit and was really surprised just how close it was to the full kidd single stage. I also like the jard sportsman trigger which I have used about 8 of. Its alot cheaper but a pretty nice 2# once broken in. Some folks have had issues though so something to keep in mind.

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Old 09-22-2019, 02:38 PM
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I only own 3 10/22's one is totally factory with the full stock (mannlicher) but I polished the trigger parts myself and shoots decent with the factory barrel. I have another light weight with the TAC-SOL barrel and shoots great and also polished the trigger parts, this shoots better than the full stock 10/22 with factory barrel and the third one hast a Kidd 20" heavy barrel and outshoots the other two. Again I polished the trigger parts myself.

I have shot my two rifles with after market barrels against other shooters who paid a ton of money for theirs and out shot them. Now nothing against their rifles but the shooters. So my point is that no amount of money will make your rifle an accurate rifle if you yourself cannot shoot.

My recommendation would be is to save for a Kidd barrel first as this I believe is the main ingredient for an accurate rifle. Than save for a good stock, on the rifle with my Tac-sol barrel I have a hogue stock very light which I use for hunting but this will flex on hot days if your grip is like a gorilla. On the Kidd barrel I just bought a Boyd stock. I'm not a competition shooter so I don't need an expensive chassis for it.

If you polish your triggers this will give you nice smooth trigger pull and crisp and you can hold off on buying a trigger. If you have the patience and don't mind waiting a few years to save your money and you want a total custom franken ruger than buy the receiver. All of my rugers with the exception of the barrel and stock are factory and still shoot very accurately. I shoot them out to 200 yards and break clay targets consistently.
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Old 09-22-2019, 03:04 PM
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It would be alot easier to answer this question if we had a rough idea of what kind of budget you are looking at for this build. You can build a really nice 10/22 for $600-$800. For $200 a Kidd 20" SS .920 barrel is tough to beat. Feddersen .920 barrels are excellent as well IME. As far as a trigger, while Kidd is the best and I highly recommend them, you can get a decent trigger for less $ if your trying to be budget conscious. Most people are perfectly happy with a $50 BX (I'm not one of them). As far as a receiver most aftermarket ones are fine and pretty much work the same. So that is just a matter of preference, although your decision is narrowed down if you want an extended rail that you mentioned. If you choose to go with a Ruger receiver the EGW 20 moa rails are great. Most bolts will work fine. I'm not crazy about JWH bolts but alot of people here use them and are happy with them. Also I'm sure they will be running a sale on them. Stocks are mostly a matter of preference also. Pretty much all stocks benefit by being bedded properly. So I would just go with whichever one you like the most. Other than that you just need the hardware. I highly recommend the Gunsmither's V-block, Kidd oversized receiver pins, VQ screw, and a viton buffer. I'm sure you'll get plenty of different opinions on what you should and shouldn't use. The parts that I listed would be more for a bench type build. So depending on what type of shooting you plan on doing will play a role in some of the items you choose. Good luck.
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Old 09-22-2019, 03:21 PM
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Jwh usually has a sale , and you could get a bolt and charging handle for 50 bucks. Usually twice that.They sell there over stocked items on eBay and sometimes you can get great deals.

I like GM barrels , and also have found the best prices at Rimfire Sports.they also have some sporter stocks if you like laminate.

Boyd’s has stocks up the wazoo but the website is goofy and they don’t answer the phone well. Dip , diversified innovative products, sells Boyd’s stocks and is much easier to deal with.

Volquartsen and Kidd have sales on overstocked items under clearance all the time, and they sell these items on eBay too.

The magpul stock seems like the best option right now , and they prolly have a sale in the wotks but it’s 106 on eBay right now plus 16 for the higher cheek piece. Sometimes Tony Mele puts stocks on eBay, the blems are really cheap. I don’t have a mag Pul , yet. But it’s next on the list to try.

As for rails I like the dip rails , 30 now plus shipping. They have a 25 MOA rail. You’ll need a lot of scope for that.

S &P has sales sometimes , but shipping is $6 for the sole order and use code RFC to get a 5% discount.

Go to all these websites , register and they will email you about all the deals.

As for receivers , I use stock ones, so I can’t comment on the others , they do look nicer. I buy from S&P , and am very happy with them , brownells makes receivers with or without rails that go on sale and run about 10 bucks cheaper.

As for triggers , they say Kidd is the best, so wait for the sale and snag one. I have a new stock trigger so I’m gonna try the kit, just to see how it stacks up to my Brimstone’s.

You have figure out what you want it to do, it can’t do everything, and what you want it to look like, varies wildly, and how much you want to spend. Then shop the sites snag the deals and assemble.

To be honest your probably better off either buying a compete Kidd set up, or buying a Ruger LVT and sending it to CPC for the works , then having both professionally bedded.

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Old 09-22-2019, 03:27 PM

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Excellent insight here folks and much appreciated.

Some great tips for me to ponder and work out a decision.

Hopefully I can pay it forward and help someone down the road.
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