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Martini International MKII Disassembly/Assembly with Pictures

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I have really been struggling to get my trigger adjusted and in a repeatable fashion. I had gotten it down to 11oz but I could not repeat it after trying to work it lower, it seemed that something was holding the trigger spring up not allowing it to drop back when the trigger screw was backed out. I figured there was gunk in it, boy was that right. So my trigger went from 1lb 10 oz to 6lb 4 oz and I wanted to get it down to the 2-4oz level if Possible. There is one thing you can say about these triggers, they are incredibly consistent down to the 10th of an oz if you can test it that consistently.

After searching and searching with no luck on really detailed instructions I decided to just jump in and go for it. At first in looking at the trigger assembly it was a little intimidating as everything seemed to be spring loaded and some things come out differently than you would think. I did have the help of the parts schematic which is available on here as well as the Martini website. If you are wise you will take pictures every step of the way to have something to refer to. Here goes, hope this helps. Sorry the last picture is really the first.

1. Remove the trigger assembly.
2. Compress the exractor spring, coming apart you can just press down on it but going together requires a little more work. Remove spring and ejector retaining pin then the extractor.
3. Uncock the breechblock and remove the BB pin then the breechblock.
4. Remove the cocking lever pin then the cocking lever and tumbler. You will need to remove the lever out the top turning it when you get to the wide part at the bottom of the lever.
5. Remove the hammer pin then hammer and spring. Note that the hammer spring prongs ride over the top of the sear bushings.
6. Remove the sear pin and the sear and bushings. You would be wise to use a drift pin to push out the sear pin so that you don't lose the bushings.
7. Next you will Remove the trigger stop then the trigger pin and trigger. Once again the trigger will come out the top. The trigger weight spring will be left sticking up inside the housing, I actually made another lighter spring using Brownells spring stock.

You can disassemble the breech block if you want to clean it up but it's pretty self explanatory. I did clean mine as it has a lot of carbon and I also wanted to profile the striker. When putting the firing pin back in and the striker spring retainer note that they only sit correctly if you rotate them correctly. If they are 180 off you will see it. Look at it carefully before you disassemble.

I will put more pictures and assembly instructions in the next post. I was able by cleaning things up and putting a new trigger adjustment spring in to get the trigger to a scary 1oz - 15.3 oz on the top end which is fine with me. The trigger will not hold consistently when at this 1oz level but it will at just under 4oz without doing any other work. I do have another idea I will try when I get some time but that is for another day.
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