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Results September 2019 Topstraps Longrange (midrange) Match

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I finally got time to do the September match report, guess I got super busy over the weekend then forgot which I'm getting better at as I get older. Had a decent turnout, think there were 30 entries with quite a few more trying it out for the first time and a few less locals. There are getting to be so many of these rimfire matches shooters have to choose which ones to go to and with mine being only out to 197 yards and others stretching it farther out mine is now a midrange match.

Lots of excellent shooting with 3 shooters hitting all 10 of my rack at 197 yards, they are 10", 9", 8" 7" and 6" on the top row and 5", 4", 3", 2" and a 1" target on the bottom row. In all the years I've had that rack there only 11 people have cleaned it without a miss even including practice days with countless tries to do it. Jerry Shaw (H&R mod 12), Carl Duvall (CZ Varmint) and Cellia Callahan did it with a borrowed V-gun after everyone decided her CZ with new Wolf (Eley) was shooting a pattern instead of a group and finished out with the other gun. Excellent job to the shooters, you'll be forever honored with your name on the roof of my shelter for all to see.

Another mention I wanted to get in was Bob Brown, he entered with his Anschutz falling block gun of some type in the Peep Sight class. In the middle of the day some of the targets hide in the shadows or brightness. Even with the difficult conditions he showed everyone he knew what he was doing behind the trigger and peering thru a small aperature at a pinprick to try and hit. Excellent job Bob, I was impressed along with everyone else watching him shoot. For anyone that hasn't tried it and think 4moa sounds big for a target with a scope I'll have one at the rack for you to try, you also have to do it 90 times so think about that eye strain and the target graying out from the hits.

Another interesting thing was some of the ammo acted crazy, two of the better shooters which have always shot well struggled with their same batch of old Wolf. I've spotted for them a number of years and know how both shoot but 4 different guns they entered shot all over the place. One day with really high humidity and heat my Izhmash could barely stay on a smaller target at 62 yards, the next day (evening) I couldn't miss a clay pigeon at 197 yards. Weird stuff this rimfire is with weather. Cellia shot the new Wolf (Eley) for the first time at my range and just finally gave up, it was up/down/left/right and could barely stay on a larger plate. The CCI std she used to shoot shot pretty good in previous matches, She finished out the last two stages which are tough (horseshoes and the 10 descending circles and cleaned them with the V-Gun and SK Biathalon ammo.

OK, on to the scores. Chris and I both keep our scores out since it's our home range and I feel that's fair. I shot my favorite peep gun (Ural-2 with Anschutz sights and Geco $2.00/50 ammo which it seems to like, Chris started out with the Izhmash PRS biathalon gun but that time of the day it just would not shoot the Geco stuff and he switched over to the Ural with peeps to finish the match. He shoots peeps with those young eyes better than me so I'm lucky he missed so many with the other gun up close. Gotta figure out what it's doing in the Izhmash, I know that ammo doesn't like 90 deg weather but usually the Izhmash isn't picky with it and shoots it very well. Maybe someone cast some Voodoo spells on me and the guns.

Match winner was Dave Calipare on his re-entry and he'll have a free entry next month. Derrick Warren and Craig Wickham won the two (2) $25.00 drawings this month. All ties are settled by reverse count including the bonus stage which was shooting the 195 yard gong off a suspended rope with both hands behind the trigger guard or a rotating rack of small squirrels at 89 yards, nearly everyone chose the gong. Quite a few hits with a couple shooters hitting all 5 shots. Tom Rayner shot 4/5 squirrels which was pretty darn good. Pretty impressive shooting in a not so steady discipline, blame Tom Rayner on that one for teaching me devious ways to mess with shooters.

85 Dennis Kirkpatrick Ural-2 Peep Sights Geco Rifle ($2.00/50) 2 bonus targets
76 Chris Kirkpatrick Izhmash Biathalon/Ural-2 SWFA scope/Peep Sights) 2 bonus targets

85 Dave Calipare (2) V-Gun NF SK Biathalon 4 bonus targets
84 Jerry Shaw H&R mod 12 SWFA Eley CMP 4 bonus targets
84 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Red 4 bonus targets
84 Craig Wickham V-Gun Athalon SK std+ 2 bonus targets
83 Rube Perkins 10/22 Kidd (shilen ratchet) NF SK Biathalon 4 bonus targets
82 Craig Wickham AR-22 Athalon CCI 4 bonus targets
82 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR NF SK Biathalon 2 bonus targets
82 Cuda Gatten H&R mod 12 Peep Sights Geco Rifle 1 bonus target
81 Dave Calipare (1) V-Gun NF SK Biathalon 1 bonus target
80 Bob Brown (1) Rem 40-X Weaver CMP Eley 2 bonus targets
79 Carl Duvall (2) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 3 bonus targets
78 John Schumacher Anschutz MPR SWFA Wolf MT (old) 3 bonus targets
78 Bill Nesbitt V-Gun NF SK Biathalon 1 bonus target
77 Mike Moore (2) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 5 bonus targets
77 Carl Duvall (1) CZ Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 4 bonus targets
76 Carl Duvall (3) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 0 bonus targets
74 Mike Moore (3) Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 3 bonus targets
71 Karen Marsh CZ Ultralux SWFA CCI-std 2 bonus targets
71 Mike Moore (1) Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT (old) 4 bonus targets
71 Steve Wilson 10/22 Leupold CCI-std 2 bonus targets
71 Mike Penso TC Contender Weaver 36X Norma Tac-22 0 bonus targets
69 Bob Ellwood Rem 40-X Lucid SK-std 3 bonus targets
67 Chuck Wagner Win 52-D Peep Sights SSI-std 2 bonus targets (his first time ever shooting peep sights)
67 Cellia Callahan CZ Leupold Wolf (new) 1 bonus target (finished out with a borrowed gun)
67 Butch McCort Rem 40-X SWFA CCI-std 0 bonus targets (shoulder pain wouldn't let him shoot off the rope)
66 Derrick Warren 10/22 Vortex CCI-std 3 bonus targets
64 Tom Rayner Krico Bushnell CCI-std 4 bonus targets
DNF Bob Brown Anschutz Peep Sights CMP eley (eye strain didn't allow him to finish but impressive shooting to say the least)

Probably one more match this year but will be a big different, targets hit, targets missed and time all factor into the final score. Was fun last time.

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