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Old 06-23-2019, 11:17 PM
Steve Newman

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+1 Gladesguy. Never have used a crimp in AR or bolt guns and never had bullet set back problems. Use Redding comp dies...neck size for bolt, FL for AR type rifles.
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Old 06-24-2019, 08:03 AM

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I usually never have problems with short rounds not chambering. They have to be *really* short to fail to fire.

99.99% of my "reloads won't chamber" problems are from high primers due to short primer pockets on brass. In the last 15 years I went from never ever having to ream one short primer pocket to having to ream 100% of them to the right depth.
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Old 08-23-2019, 07:07 AM
STBE Harris
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Dec 2007
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Crimping the bullet

Thank you all for your input. Please note that we are using "smooth" bullets non-cannelured. One older gentlemen has left us with several thousand Sierra 52-53 grain match bullets we are using those up along with several 500 packs of 50,52, 55 gr "smooth" varmint bullets. I realize that if set up incorrectly for "smooth" bullets" some dies can impart a crimp ring if the a crimping feature is employed. That is something I hadn't thot of, but we are not attempting to crimp as mentioned we are setting up dies according to die instructions for non crimp loading. All bullets are trimmed to length as standard operating procedure.
I introduced an acquaintance many many moons ago to reloading. He showed up at a West Texas Jackrabbit/varmint hunt with about 300 reloaded 223 rounds and very proud of his deed. It didn't take but about 5 shots and his AR was jammed couple other shooters rifles he had given his master works to also were having problems. I suggested we all collect these rounds and I take them and give them a check over. Long story short he had not trimmed his cases and they were all over proper case length some were scary long and his powder load was not consistent. I told him he should not reload any more. He is a busy man and decided that it was too complicated and took too much of his time to reload. To his and the world's benefit he has never reloaded a round again he has used his time and talent to become rich enough to buy only premium factory ammo.
Would not the Wilson or other headspace die catch the flanged/bulged cases? Like I've said we need to catch these before they are chambered in a rifle as when these stick bad bad things have happened. That would add another step but to keep these aberrant bullets out of chambers We can do that.
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Old 08-27-2019, 06:30 PM

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Yes, the Wilson cartridge case gauge will catch them. I use one for rounds I plan on shooting in a match, no alibi, so they all need to function.

Every time I've had the same issue as you are having, it was the seater die. Generally what happened is the seater stem was backed too far out and in order to get the correct seating depth for the bullet, the seater die was adjusted so deep the case shoulder was hitting on the top inside of the seater die. A seater die has very little support in the shoulder area.

I've set case shoulders back a long ways when forming cases for oddball rifles and rarely had a shoulder squash (bulge) in a sizing die, shoulders are generally fully supported in a sizing die, so when you compress the shoulder (bump the shoulder back) the result is lengthening the neck not bulging the shoulder.

Easy way to test is to size 50 or 100, check them with the Wilson cartridge gauge. Take the ones that work in the Wilson cartridge gauge (I've found some, esp from full autos will not size down enough the first try) and then finish reloading them. After they are loaded, if some have a squashed (bulged) shoulder, it is your seating die adjustment.

I pretty much use only LC brass or other military and I've never had problems with them I couldn't resolve. Yes, they are more work---crimped primer pockets and ones ran in full autos and even other gas guns can be out of spec, but then most times they are free.

Let us know what was causing it once you figure it out.
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