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Old 02-03-2019, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Rumpboogie View Post
I'm not all that dumb. I always have a once-fired brass case in the chamber when dry-firing any 22, and rotate it a bit every 3 or 4 "snaps" to get fresh spot on the rim under the firing pin.

But, regarding the PT22 specifically, it does not lock the slide back on the last round by design. That means dry-fires are going to happen and quite often. It would be almost criminally negligent on Taurus's part to be selling a gun that is almost guaranteed to go boobs-up before you've even owned it for a year.
No problem -- just making sure!

I have a PT22. I'm kind of paranoid about dryfiring rimfires, so I usually put one of those orange plastic snap caps as the last round in the magazine. As LDBennett has pointed out, it isn't necessarily by design that the firing pin hits the rim. You'll probably be fine, but we worry-warts just like taking that extra precaution.
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Old 06-27-2019, 01:50 PM

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GSG 1911 .22 fan talks accuracy

I have owned a GSG 1911 .22 for several months. I am one to go for accuracy. I am not a professional shooter, maybe an advanced beginner who has a lot to learn about fine trigger control, breathing techniques, ect. I have the target model which means an adjustable rear sight, over-sized grip and a rail. I went on Amazon and picked up an inexpensive wrap-a-round scope mount and 3X pistol scope. I shoot on an indoor range from a shooting table and plastic $22 Caldwell handgun shooting rest. I have tested over a dozen different kinds of ammo. (Be aware that works in one pistol may not be ideal in another.) I normally shoot 50 to 100 rounds of each kind of ammo. I clean the pistol between each. I shoot at 25 yards. I fire four rounds and measure the best three assuming the flier was operator error. I take the average between 5 and 10 repetitions.

Here are some results: CCI Subsonic -.603, CCI Poly Clean-.625, Rem Golden Bullet-.640, CCI Mini Mag-.660, CCI Standard Velocity Target-.698, Aguila Pistol Match-.700, CCI A/R Tactical-.849, Armscor-.900, Win Super X-1.183, Fed Game Shock-1.235, and Win Wildcat 1.288.
(My best single grouping yet was with CCI Mini Mag at .390 inches.)

Not all ammo works smoothly. While the Golden Bullet shoots reasonably accurately, I did experience several feed/extract problems. I had the same problem with some of the Aguila samples.

I have always been annoyed by reading a review and the writer says the firearm is "accurate" but doesn't give any supporting evidence. This 1911 is an inexpensive handgun. Got mine for around $230 off a website new. I compare it with the reviews of $1,000 plus handguns found in the usual shooting magazines. The good ones will maybe shot a 2-inch group at 25 yards and the writer will praise it for the extreme accuracy. If my 1911 can't group ammo whatever under an inch, I think it is worthless. I just don't understand why the expensive guns can't group better.

Bottom line...The GSG 1911 .22 is a low-cost pistol of reasonable quality with really good accuracy. Should the day come when I wear mine out, I will probably by another.
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Old 08-08-2019, 03:55 PM
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I bought a new JA Ciener .22 conversion kit (top end and 2 15-roung mags) in 1992. I used it on my 1911 .45, but over the years I tired of swapping out top ends and decided to build a dedicated 1911 .22. Contrary to what I have read about Ciener kits, mine works very well.

I bought an Olympic Arms Matchmaster stripped carbon steel frame at a gun show and used parts from SARCO, Numrich, Wolff, and Hogue for the build. The most fitting I had to do was the MSH to the frame. The hammer and sear fit were fairly easy in comparison, as was the thumb safety fit to the sear. The frame is a factory second (minor gas casting holes under the grip panels and the "hook" which I removed from the front lower portion of the trigger guard) as denoted by the letter 'K" on three areas of the frame. Since it a blowback pistol I used a Wolff 19# mainspring instead of the 23# mainspring for the .45. Hogue smooth rosewood grip panels.

After all of the assembly was completed, I took the frame and MSH to Oly (about an hour's drive north of me) to have them grey parked so as to match the barrel for $45. They returned it the next day UPS.

It will shoot anything from Rem Subsonics to CCI Mini-Mags. Even with fixed sights it shoots better than I can.

I have less than $400 into the gun. It is a Frankengun for sure!


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