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Old 05-23-2019, 11:48 AM

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10/22 roller delayed blowback for 17wsm?

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I had a thought the other day that intrigued me. What if someone took a 10/22 receiver and modified the design to be like an hk roller delay system? The purpose of implementing such a system in my mind is so you could use a smaller receiver for higher pressure cases like 17wsm or 5mm magnum. Instead of just increasing the size and weight of the 10/22 design until it functions ie VQ 17wsm. The large aftermarket support for the 10/22 would also be a plus. I know accommodations will need to be made for the size of the cartridge itself but if that was the only concern I think it would still be smaller and lighter. I also think having some form of lock up in the action would improve accuracy over simply spring pressure holding the bolt forward. I do realize there are cons with this system mainly being cost and complexity. I already know this is kind of a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist no need to inform me. I would say if this method was substantially better for current cartridges savage would have used elements when designing the A17. So while In terms of current popular rimfire cartridges it may be less effective than I had originally thought. I had another idea, what if this system was used in a slightly scaled up centerfire version in 17 Hornet. Imagine a Volquartsen 17wsm sized gun but in 17 Hornet. You could use Ruger 77/17 Hornet magazines. Or even one in something like 5.7x28 or 221fireball. I just wanted to share this to start conversation and get people thinking about the idea. Just a dumb day dream i had being a machinist? Yeah. Would it be cool though? Absolutely.
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Old 05-24-2019, 12:24 AM
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https://garrowdev.com/ This uses roller delayed blowback. When the wsm becomes available I am going to purchase it but it would be nice to have a 17wsm roller delayed blowback in a 10/22 style rifle.
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