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Old 01-01-2018, 08:12 PM
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My Crosman MTR77 NPC with G.I. Peep Sights

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Some months ago, I purchased two Crosman MTR77 NPC from New England Airguns.
John Swenson is the owner and he tuned the trigger of each rifle.
Being a Correctional Officer I intended to use the MTR77s for marksmanship training in my backyard.

For my purposes, the MTR77 is a mixed bag.
The MTR77 certainly looks-the-part of a military rifle ... but, it really isn't a replica.
Nothing about the MTR77 parallels the functionals of an AR-15/M-16 except the magazine release - that's about it.
And, with all of the exterior surfaces being plastic, the MTR77 was significantly below the weight of a full-size AR-15/M-16 rifle.

However, with a few changes the MTR77 comes very close to the look and feel of an AR-15/M-16.
To this end, with the addition of some aftermarket Leaper's G.I. peep sights.
And, filling the detachable magazine with 14 1/2 ounces of lead fishing weights
The MTR77 comes as close to the visual profile and heft of an H-bar AR-15/M-16.
Or, as least as near a total of $200 for a gas-ram break-barrel air rifle with trigger mods, aftermarket sights and lead ballast will allow.

Standing Offhand
3-Shots at 20 yards
POA ... Approximately 1-Inch Target (Small Pecan)
CPHP 7.9 grs
My intended targets are one-inch pecans situated at various distances.
Placed at 10-yards, a one-inch target will subtend a 10-inch round target at 100-yards.
Using this as a standard, I employ the plentiful pecans to mimic a 10-inch point-of-aim at useful practice ranges.
I have backstops set at 5-yards, 8-yards, 10-yards, 10-meters, 15-yards and 20-yards.
Simulating shooting a 10-inch circular kill-zone at 50-yards, 80-yards, 100-yard, 110-yards, 150-yards and 200-yards respectively.

Until recently, shooting the MTR77 has been a literal exercise in physical effort and frustration.
The Nitro Piston MTR is hard-to-cock, generates significant recoil and is very hold sensitive.
An extended shooting session would leave me with sore shoulders and aching muscles.
Accordingly, this is not a break-barrel for kids.

The Crosman website lists the gas-ram MTR77 and metallic-spring Crosman Stealth (aka: Fury II) as having the same cocking effort - 35 lbs.
But, I'm here to tell ya ... I own both ... the MTR77 is significantly harder to cock.
And is more hold sensitive than the more conventional metal-spring Stealth.

With alot of effort and practice, I've come to be able to expect to connect with one-inch targets with some regularity.
At 15-yards I may hit four consecutive targets before I encounter a miss.
At 20-yards I'm sometimes able to strike three successive one-inch targets before straying off-mark.

All-in-all, I'm becoming more and more satisfied with my MTR for marksmanship training.
However, it is a hard rifle to master and does not suffer inattention from the shooter lightly.
Ya have to stay focused on your springer technique to yield good results from the MTR.
As such, one needs to think twice before purchasing an MTR77 - be prepared to expect a challange to come your way.
W. Edwards Deming ... Quality: It is not enough to do-your-best;
you must know what-to-do, and ... then ... do-your-best.
Ever-Onward ... Through the Fog ---- Fort Stockton TX 79735

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