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Old 01-30-2017, 07:29 PM
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CZ/BRNO Iron Sight Adjustments/Information

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I purchased my CZ455 Training Rifle in .22LR particularly for the tangent rear sight, and it is my favorite CZ to shoot. I have learned a lot from the manual and here at RFC about this, and have learned more from personal experience.

The rear sight is adjustable for distance as follows: there are marked distances of 25-50-75-100-125-150-175-200 yards (or meters if you prefer). There is also an intermediate position between each of these settings, so I call the positions 25, 25+, 50, 50+, 75, 75+, etc.

Horizontal adjustment of zero: one full turn moves the Point of Impact 1” at 25 yards (meters). Loosen the side toward which you want to move the rear sight blade (=direction you want to move the POI), then tighten the other side to bring the leaf against the first screw.

Vertical adjustment of zero: the front sight is a 6-MOA post, and is adjustable vertically. There are two 1.5mm Allen screws in the front face of the front sight. The top one locks the post in position, and the bottom one raises or lowers the post. To LOWER the Point of Impact ¾” at 25 yards, RAISE the front sight post by turning clockwise 1/6 turn. This information is NOT in the manual!

1. Choose your operating scale (yards or meters) and your preferred ammo speed (SV or HV). I zeroed for yards and SV since my rangefinder is set to Yards and most of my ammo is SV.
2. Set the tangent to the minimum distance (25), shoot some groups at 25 yards, zero the rear sight horizontally with the set screws, and zero the front post vertically to your liking. I prefer the 6 o’clock hold, and use SV ammo on 6-MOA round targets at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards for a simple sight picture (pumpkin on a fencepost).
3. Check the zero at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. The “+” positions are handy for fine-tuning a particular distance. Make notes of your findings at various distances and for the particular ammo type.

Here’s what I’ve found with SV ammo using yards:
Distance / My tangent setting
25 yards / 25
50 yards / 50
75 yards / 75+
100 yards / 100+

HV testing is ongoing; here are my preliminary HV results using the same zero as described above:
Distance / My HV tangent setting
25 yards / 25++ (=50)
50 yards / 50++ (=75)
75 yards / 75+
100 yards / 100+

I cannot explain why HV rounds require a higher setting than SV at shorter distances, even though the trajectory is flatter...
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Old 02-06-2017, 06:07 PM
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CZ/BRNO Iron Sight Adjustments/Information

Folks, if you have similar information on adjusting the CZ/BRNO rimfire iron sights, post them here.
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Old 03-25-2017, 06:37 PM

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I can add that with CCI Quiet ammo and my 22LR 28 inch Ultra Lux barrel mounted on my trainer receiver, the 100 Yd line corresponds well to a 25 YD - Not exactly your 24 inch trainer.

Distance/Tangent(UL, CCI Quiet 40g, 710fps)
25 Yds /100 yds

Finding it pretty accurate too.
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Old 12-11-2017, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by timberbeast View Post
Folks, if you have similar information on adjusting the CZ/BRNO rimfire iron sights, post them here.
the Brno Std Match peep sight and the bbl mounted Micro sight from the Model 3 and 4 that come with the Models 3 and 4 and the sights Denny sold with adapters to mount on the CZ 452 rifles are all 1/5th MOA clix,,probably some kind of metric adjustments but from lots of testing they work out to 1/5th MOA..

5 clix to adjust 1" at 100 yards
10 clix to adjust 1" at 50 yards
20 clix to adjust 1" at 25 yards

I cant tell enough difference in adjustments with the sights mounted on the 25" Trainer bbl or the 28 inch Ultra Lux of #4 bbl to make a difference,,much shorter than 25" barrels and it would probably change to 1/4 MOA clix,,

if you meant the sights like on a Model 2 or a 452 Trainer they work out close like the 455s in the OP,,but would test fire ever individual rifle with whatever ammo being used,,

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