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Results Topstraps May Longrange (midrange) Rimfire Challenge

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Thanks to all that came and braved the less than favorable shooting conditions. I finally got a bit of time to get last weekends match report done. Sorry for taking so long to get it out but been a super busy week. Weather didn't co-operate at all with the cold and rain, lots of rain. I went down on Sunday for about an hour but no shooters braved the cold and constant downpour of rain showed up so I gave up and went to the house. Hopefully June will be a much better month for the match.

I let shooters take unlimited sighters due to many competitors trying out different ammo and not having settings. Had a couple shooters shoot nearly perfect scores which hasn't been done yet on this range. A couple peep sight shooters have shot a perfect score but not exactly the same thing as some of the targets are smaller for the scoped guys. I also let shooters use whatever ammo they could find during the ammo shortage. One competitor used Lapua Center-X which I kidded him about being the only ammo he could find but he said I'd be surprised how it performed during the match.

He had great center hits quite a way thru the racks but as he got out past 150 you could see it using more and more of the targets. At 187 and 197 yards it was very noticable that it was not performing nearly as well as other ammo I've seen him shoot. Maybe others have other results but it was intersting to see how it performed farther out. I spot for each shooter so I get to see a lot of various ammos shot by very good shooters and over the years get an idea of what works and what doesn't.

A very respectable performance was shot by Rube with his Kidd semi-auto, there have been a lot of high end semi-autos but his gun for some reason is a real shooter. Chris dug out Ugly Betty (infamous Win 52 with the 2X4 wood stock with the PowerAide bottle as a cheek rest) with some Eley ammo he's only shot at 50 yards at a Bench Rest target. That gun still amazes me with how it shoots with the crudest shooting stock you can imagine. He missed one target due to a round dropping 2 inches under the target. Chris and Derrick shot earlier but were kinda haveing a who can shoot the racks quicker thing going on which caused more misses than usual but they were having a blast doing it. Quite a few shooters split the bullet at 50 yards which is amazing.

Charles Wright was the only shooter to clean my last rack of 10 targets (10 inch down to 1 inch) which entitled him to writing his name with the other shooters on the ceiling of my shooting shelter. There isn't many shooters names up there and that includes all matches and practice sessions. Really hard to run that many descending targets in a row. Some shooters had more wind, some had downpours but all shot well based on conditions.

Will be doing it again the second weekend of next month (June) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Results with all ties decided by reverse count. Rube wins the free entry next month

1. 87 Chris Kirkpatrick Win 52 (Ugly Betty) SWFA Eley
2. 86 Rube Perkins Kidd 10/22 NF Wolf MT (old)
3. 85 Bill Nesbitt V-Gunn NF SK Biathlon
4. 84 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Arken Lapua Center-X
5. 83 Dave Calipare V-Gunn NF SK Biathlon
6. 83 Cuda Gatten H&R Peep Sights Aguila
7. 83 Dennis Kirkpatrick BSA Martini Int. Peep Sights SK Biathlon
8. 82 Bob Brown Rem 540-X Weaver 36X Lapua
9. 82 Charles Wright Ruger Precision Vortex SK Standard
10. 80 Kurt Yoder Sako Quad SWFA SK Biathlon
11. 80 Jim Lochary V-Gunn March SK Biathlon
12. 79 Randy Warren CZ 457 Vortex SK Std.
13. 79 Jason Grubb CZ 457 Athlon SK Red
14. 79 Jerry Shaw H&R 12 SWFA SK Biathlon
15. 78 David Patton CZ 455 SWFA SK Biathlon
16. 76 Butch McCort Rem 40-X SWFA CCI Std.
17. 76 Chris Kirkpatrick Izhmash SWFA SK Biathlon
18. 74 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA SK Biathlon
19. 74 Bob Ellwood Bergara Arken Polar Biathlon
20. 73 Derrick Warren CZ MTR Vortex SK HV
21. 73 Jerry Galbraith CZ 457 NF SK Biathlon
22. 65 Dakota Wright Savage SWFA SK Red
23. 57 Chuck Wagner H&R SWFA RWS

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