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Old 01-15-2022, 04:32 PM
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I just went over and picked it up today.... I hope to get it dirty tomorrow.
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Old 01-16-2022, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by beaverislander View Post
Hi Thomas,

That's a nice case you have there. Is there a solid insert of some type that separates the top and bottom section, or do they stack on top of each other?

The trays just stack together. The foam is quite stout and holds everything securely. The upper tray is leaning upright against the lid in that center picture, and you can see the Black Mamba does not want to fall out.

Volquartsen has more photos at https://volquartsen.com/products/137...um-pistol-case

To answer your second question, “Is there a break-in procedure for a Black Mamba?”, a good NRA Pistol Instructor will tell you to read the manual that comes with the gun. The Black Mamba ships with a Ruger Mark IV owner’s manual …

… because the gun was originally a Ruger Mark IV that has had its barrel, bolt, and trigger group swapped out for Volquartsen goodness. The Ruger has no break-in procedure, so neither does the Volquartsen. Aside from what naturally arises from a longer sight radius, fiber optic sights, slicker than snot bolt, and a no-creep glass-breaking 2.2 lb trigger that will put a smile on the face associated with any finger that caresses it, the only operational difference between the two is the Black Mamba lacks a magazine disconnect, for which Volquartsen dutifully attaches a large red warning sticker to the case.

The only break-in period required is to break-in the operator … and to possibly figure out which brand of ammunition the Black Mamba prefers. The Wife likes shooting targets with 40gr CCI Standard Velocity as they all seem to follow one another through the same hole in the target. (Did I mention this is the Wife’s toy?) One of her typical 3 inch sticky targets at 34 ft, with eight out of ten inside the same one inch wide ragged hole …

It’s like the bullets are playing “follow the leader”.
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