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Old 04-07-2021, 05:23 PM

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Originally Posted by Discontinued View Post
Oh my days

I just saw a pic of it I didn't know steyr made rimmies!

I'm a total sucker for German fullstocked rifles and a rimfire as well, I'm incredibly jealous.
I just love silencers though and it would be a travesty to spoil the line of such a machine with a can.

if only somebody made in integrally supressed Stutzen rifle.

Probably should have made better career choices in life as I regret not being able to get something like that. But I enjoy being lazy, ambition is for losers!

But if did have ambition I would get a custom built Merkel German break action single barrel in .22lr

Share your thoughts and sentiments. Those pictures though had my chest going up and down like Chaser's beautiful girls. Thanks for sharing. Hope this reply rolls over to page two to enjoy from there too.
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Old 04-07-2021, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Toomany22s View Post
Noticed some 1022 bashing in the Off brand threads. So in the spirit of tit for tat, maybe we could discuss what we find lacking about their guns.
For instance, .....

Nah its not worth the effort

Heres what I like about 1022s

Cheap. But a wide range of oem models
Lots of stuff to make it shoot better.
Best magazine.
Great stocks available.
Great triggers available
Great barrels available

Shoot great, lots of fun,easy to disassemble.
Easy diy mods. Can make your oem shoot pretty darn good for no extra money.

Randy at CPC.

Can configure into what ever floats your boat. From tactical to classic. From hunter to bench rest . From braced charger to Appleseed .

What other brand and or model can make all these claims?

Dont get me wrong, i like other guns, but none as much as the 1022 have pleased me as much.

And I dont even have a Kidd Yet
So many nice old guns, so little time. One of these days I'll buy a Ruger 10/22, Marlin 60, or even a Remington 597. That is, if some old walnut and steel project gun doesn't come along first.
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Old 04-07-2021, 08:26 PM

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My daughter and I have enjoyed learning basic rifle skills competing in a monthly 100yd off-hand iron-sight match with a 10/22. Actually, on our 2nd, thanks to Randy's advice to ditch the SS model we had.

We got to shoot a kind range visitors 457 Lux and sure it was nice, but a "better" rifle isn't going to make us better shooters. Until the rifle is a limiting factor, we'll stick with it.

(She's off at Basic so the rifle is off to Randy shortly!)
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Old 04-07-2021, 10:42 PM
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im not sure why anyone would feel the need to bash other guns out of their forum , i dont , i find it a bit petty - if you have something to say preset it in the correct forum so those with vast knowledge can address it ,

im sure that they would like the opportunity to defend or at least explain any shortcoming you might find ,

as for me , i own a lot of different items that span most of the main forums here , some are great , some not as much , i never bought the collector pieces but rather like the ones that actually lived when i remember them , ill take the bumps and scrapes , ill take those that had well known issues with being finicky , its what i love about them , i have a couple that some well meaning previous owner permanently defaced and ruined all collector value mounting a scope in their garage , but they also need love and i like the ones ive bought ,

dont get me wrong here - i have a couple that are original and well worth collectability in the right arena , but that was never my emphasis , so ive not found much bad to say of any over the years - but ive wished i could tell a couple previous owners how much they destroyed for all the world save me likin it ,
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Old 04-08-2021, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by whiplash View Post
Share your thoughts and sentiments. Those pictures though had my chest going up and down like Chaser's beautiful girls. Thanks for sharing. Hope this reply rolls over to page two to enjoy from there too.

I know its a thing of beauty the price tag at 4,000 euros is kind of reasonable to be honest not that I have or could ever justify buying one to Mrs Discontinued.

if you like that you will like this..

my dream has always been to have a .22lr double rifle

Made by the Connecticut shotgun manufacturing company. now all I need is $40,00 dollars...

Mrs Discontinued is the total opposite of me, she has a stainless 10/22 with a Fibrelight carbon barrel Chaote folding stock and an Ak103 straight pull.

Personally I have weird taste and grew up with quite an old fashioned view of firearm's

I worked at Holts auctioneers as a youth and then helped out in a summer job a few times.

I actually met the famous you tuber USOG many many years ago and remembered him to be a super nice guy. We spoke for ages about double rilfes.

the stuff that auction house sold made me into a gun snob, this is where my love of single shot break action rifles came to the fore. some of those German hutting rifle are truly a work of art and are when held comparable to a gorgeous woman's hip. Sexy!

we had a few guns sell for close to half a million pounds there. one I remember was a Purdey side by side in mint condition that belonged to a Royal air force pilot who sadly died combat in the battle of Britain. the provenance is what boosted the value.

I actually had Winchester model 12 pump action that was part of the SS Carpathia's Armory, however the previous owner (nincompoop) had decided to remover the rust with 80 grit sandpaper. I mean there are no words....

look if you dare, they sell internationally and we had many, many American clients USOG being one of them!


We had Holland and Holland double rifles through to CZ's, 10/22's and Marlins. Even BSA martini harpoon guns, and Military section 5 full auto things like MP5's I've seen so many weird and wonderful weapons, and met people from all over the world.
when it come to 10/22's i suppose they are the Toyota Hilux of guns, not refined not fancy, just reliable bomb proof work horses.

it does all come down to taste and I'm afraid I'm going to have to eat my words here as I recently discovered I'm going to be gifted a grey actioned 10/22 by my shooting friends for working on the Frontline during covid..im genuinely touched and it almost brought a tier to my eye when they told me, as it has been really tough for us health workers. We get so little praise form our managers, its heartwarming to hear somebody occasionally say, you are appreciated and you are doing a good job.

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Old 04-08-2021, 07:06 AM
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I think it is fair to compare the 10/22 with other semiauto rifles.

My first 22 was a Weatherby XXII. That has been my baseline. I got a 1022 deluxe stock in the 1980's.
It cost about 1/2 the price and delivered 1/2 the accuracy. It was nicely finished and while not as fine as
the XXII it looked better than what I see in the shops today. Nice magazine. No hold open after last shot.
I sold the 10/22 because I was able to afford to keep the XXII which did everything better,
although at 2x the initial cost.

Today, I am more a fan of bolt action rimfires and 22mag. CZ offers a semi in 22mag and Ruger does not.
I have to assume there are design reasons for this and that makes the CZ stronger.

- Ruger 1022, low cost. Low performance, but; good basis for a kids project.

- Weatherby excellent accuracy and finish, today must buy used.

- CZ strong enough for 22mag and good accuracy reputation right out of box. Maybe trigger not great?
More plastic than I would like in the receiver. I will stick with a bolt in this space.

Last edited by fourbore; 04-08-2021 at 07:12 AM.
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Old Today, 09:05 AM
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I have had several Marlin 60's, a Mossberg bolt, a Marlin 883SS, all of which have been sold and replaced by either Ruger 10/22's or Ruger American Rimfires...

I like variety so I have all different looking/feeling 10/22's and both of my American Rimfires are the "Predator" version with green stocks, so not the run of the mill black plastic stock units

Rugers have better drop in parts than any other I have seen, the 10/22 is the AR15 of the .22 world (even better than the AR15-22). You can get AK kits, Tommy gun kits, M1 Carbine kits all for the 10/22...

Why do others bash it? Some people think a sub $300 gun is "cheap" or lesser quality than a $500+ CZ... Well duh, it's "the working man's" customizable gun. Get your foot in the door on an inexpensive used model for $150-175 (though not in todays market) and with a couple hundred in parts with a decent barrel, BX trigger (or cheap MCARBO spring kit), decent rail and scope, and you have a failry accurate, and very reliable target gun. Spend $140 on a Archangel AA556-EX stock, and have a Ar15 look-alike that is exceptionally accurate. The possibilities and accuracy are almost limitless. I am sold on them if you couldn't tell. I have more Rugers than any other brand. Why? They are reliable, well built, and budget friendly. Their quality is great for the price, and they're still made in the US.
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