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Old 02-12-2020, 12:44 PM
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Beeman P17 best value out there?

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I was glad to see that Pyramid announced the Beeman P-17 as the 4th best selling pistol in their lineup. This, BTW, is a Chinese clone of a HW40 at about 1/10 the cost.

I was looking for a pellet pistol to get me through a few months, and could not help but notice the glowing reviews of the P-17. Pyramid was OOS so I got it at my local walmart for $32. Yes, that's right, $32.

It has the right power (low 400's), accuracy (adjustable fiber optic), and size (fits hand like a glove).

The only drawback is it takes a while to learn how to put the pellets in, and if you have large hands, it doesn't help. Now I can put any pellet in w/o even looking.

Here is a comparison of the P-17 and the MUCH more expensive Weihrauch by t-cooper at the Yellow forum:

I had some time to tear the side plates off the HW40 and P17 and do some simple comparisons. Here is a list of similarities and differences that I noticed. This list only shows that the pistols are not "mirror images" of one another. However, they are extremely close in appearance.

- My HW40 weighs 1 lb 11.6oz and my P17 weighs 1 lb 11.0oz.
- P17 has a "F" pentagon on the left side of frame (behind fake slide release). The HW40 does not have the symbol.
- The pistols have a slightly different shape on the end of the groove located at the end of the seven indents (near the muzzle).
- P17 has a wider indentation on sides of grip (Walther P22 style indent - see pics).
- Trigger, mock hammer, and safety on HW40 are aircraft aluminum. P17 is a plated metal (chromed?).
- Mock slide release has a larger fake pin on P17.
- Very slight difference in fake "slide release" button.
- Long ridge under front of lower frame is tapered on HW40 and straight on P17 (flows from trigger guard).
- HW40 has more pronounced stops for rear sight elevation and windage adjustments.
- HW40 has 2.5mm set screw for cross pin lock (compression chamber pin). P17 screw is 2.0mm.
- HW40 has bevel on breech end of barrel. P17 does not have the barrel chamfer.
- Both pistols have full length metal frame inserts that appear to be the same thickness.
- Piston rod lock screw on HW40 sits in recessed hole (below surface). P17 screw sticks out of hole.
- Pump rods, pistons, and compression tubes are within .003" difference.
- Hammer spring mount is different.
- Grip screws are the same.
- HW40 has shiny internal metal parts in grip (black lube I added). Parts appear to be stainless steel. P17 has blued steel parts with brown lubricant on the hammer. Brown lube wipes off with oil to expose the blued steel.
- P17 has blued nut on bottom of blued valve stem. HW40 has what appears to be a stainless steel stem with integrated bottom disc.
- Hammer springs and sear springs are same wire thickness (.062" & .039")
- Trigger adjustment screws are both 2.0mm.
- Triggers can both be adjusted to a crisp and light release.
- I tried switching grip panels but neither would fit. The proper panels easily push into place. The screw holes match up but the grips won't push into place.

I'm not interested in risking the fit and finish by attempting to swap out each part in each pistol to check for function/fit. The internal parts appear to be the same thickness and very close in shape. My guess is that the P17 parts may work in the HW40 (fitting may be necessary).

The above items are just a point of interest and do not effect velocity or accuracy

In addition the thing falls apart for cleaning, has simple replaceable o-rings, and looks like it would last forever. Love this gun.........
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Old 02-28-2020, 12:24 PM
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The P17 is a mediocre pistol but a fantastic value. I bought one to check it out even though I own a Feinwerkbau 80 and a 100. The trigger is heavy and has a ton of creep, but it’s capable of surprising accuracy. Learn to shoot it accurately and you’ll be a master with a better gun. I played with my P17 for a while, wrote it up on my web page, and then shipped it off to a friend for him to play with. Even if it only lasts a year of regular use you’d probably spend more on pellets than you did on the gun.
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