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MIxed LongRange match Friendship IN 8/3-4/1

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We have exclusive use of the ENTIRE Walter Cline range for the weekend.

view from the line

The NMLRA has been kind enough to extend the use of their entire facility to us!!!
This is sortof a big deal!

All targets are steel scored hit/miss.
Come Friday after 5pm, everything will be set up for practice, Saturday range opens at 8am. registration opens 8am, Shooters meeting 10:00am sharp.

First year is all cash split pot prizes, hoping to get a door prize or two from some vendors.

For camping info contact Brenda: 1-812-667-5131

email [email protected] with any questions and to stay updated. We'll also send you a printer friendly copy of the rules and flyers.

I've tried posting images of the targets and facility, but without success. So...
-The silhouettes are .22 BPCR scale.
-Crows are 14-21" nose to tail
-Know your limits paddles are 3-4" in diameter
-a 36" balloon is....well....3ft in diameter, like you'd see over a car dealership

--------------------SHOOT DATE AUG 3rd AND 4rth--------------------

Firearms MUST be stored open, with a cleared chamber indicator at all times!
Magazines MUST be empty or, whenever possible, removed from the firearm
Firearms must be in good/safe working condition
.22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle only
NO Hyper Velocity Ammunition! (1500fps+)
NO Shooting Jackets, Pants, Boots, or Gloves
NO Range-finders, or Range-finding scopes
NO machine-guns

Competitor duties and conditions

It is the duty of each competitor to sincerely cooperate with the officials and staff in order to conduct a safe and efficient shoot
Competitors are expected to report any infractions of the rules, safety protocols, or poor sportsmanship to the officials
Competitors must report to the assigned firing position immediately upon being called with The proper equipment for that particular match.
Extra time will not be allocated for any reason once the relay has begun.
PROTESTS: Bring any protest to the Official running your event, they will confer with other officials at their discretion and give a final ruling.
Final rulings cannot be further appealed



Offenders will be given ONE and only ONE warning,
a Second infraction will result in automatic Forfeiture of entry fee and Disqualification from the event.


-When Firing for score 10 shots for 10 targets No more.
-Shot in 2 man squads (shooter and spotter, alternating roles)
-Once a competitor has "Gone to the rail" to shoot for score, he/she may not return to the sighter target
-Targets may be shot in any order
-CROSS SHOOTING: any crossed shots count as a loss for the offending competitor, The offended party should contact the Range Official for further instruction.
-All scoring is done on a Hit/Miss basis. Any target upright is scored as a miss.
-Clean the rail of dirt and debris as you reset the targets
-All ties decided by leading number of chickens hit, failing that , leading hits on-> turkeys->rams->pigs
-6min shooting time including sighters

Claiming class ($10)
-Must be 18+ or with a legal guardian.
-RIfle used must be Legally owned by the participant.
-Any .22 rifle weighing less than 7 lbs fully equipped,
-With any non adjustable sporter style stock (NO hooks, palm rest or handstops)
-Scope, Any 4x scope having an objective no greater than 3/4" (19.05mm)
-No Red-Dot Sights
-Iron sights must be mounted to the barrel, front post only, may be hooded.
-No Slings allowed
-No bi-pods or other auxiliary supports
-100/150/200 yrd targets in any position, 50yrd offhand (NO BRACING ON STRUCTURES)
-By signing up for the match You agree to the claiming rule!

-Claiming rules
-Any participating rifle, with its sights/scope, can be claimed by ANY competitor for a fee of $300 cash after the shooting portion of the match has concluded.
-If multiple claims are made for the same rifle, chances will be drawn and the rifle purchased by the winning chance holder. A full fee per claim must be "in-hand" per chance entered, .
-Entrant may claim only one rifle.

Sporter class (scoped&open scored separately) $20
-Any .22 rifle weighing less than 9 lbs fully equipped,
-With any style stock (NO hooks, palm rest or handstops)
-Any scope 20x or less (Variable power scopes having a power higher than 20x are permitted, but must be set to a power ≤20x )
-Red dot sights permitted, will be scored against scopes
-Iron sights with front post are irons, front aperture are considered scoped.
-slings permitted (No dedicated cuff slings)
-200/150 yrd targets in any position, 100yrd kneeling or sitting, 50yrd offhand.
-No bi-pods or other auxiliary supports
Target $20
-Any .22 rifle weighing less than 17lbs
-Adjustable stock of any style
-No restrictions on sights
-150/200 yrd in any position, 50&100yrds offhand
-In prone position, the non trigger hand Must be forward of trigger guard
-No portion of the rifle rear of the trigger shall touch anything BUT the shooter
-No item may be removed or added to rifle between relays.
-No bags, crossed sticks or other rest may be used unless permanently attached to the rifle.

-------------------------------------------------Dueling tree-----------------------------------------------------
Dueling-tree (A) class $5
-Any manually operated, tube-fed .22 rifle
-6x 4" targets on each tree, trees at 30 and 50 yrds
-Iron sights only, must be mounted to the barrel, front post only, may be hooded.
-Least targets on their side after 1 min moves on (laid out in brackets drawn at random)
-No limit on round count
-No loading devices of any kind may be used
-Any shot after the 1min buzzer=Disqualification

Dueling Tree (B) class $5
-Any semi auto .22 rifle
-6x 4" targets on each tree, trees at 30 and 50 yrds
-Iron sights only
-Least targets on their side after 1 min moves on (laid out in brackets drawn at random)
-25rd maximum capacity per magazine
-50rd total allowance
-Any shot after the 1min buzzer=Disqualification

***In the event of a tie, The shooter with the least paddles on their side of the 50yd tree wins.****

----------------------------------------------------------------Long range matches---------------------------------------------------------------
Crow shoot $5
-3min Time limit.
-10 shots, 10 crows
-Targets at unknown yardages from 30-300 yrds
-Offhand only
-ANY registered hit will count
-High scoring shooter wins,
-Ties decided by shoot off, near to far, first to miss
***For HOA scoring; for positions other than first, ties will decided by furthest target(s) hit.***

Know your limits (honors only*) $2 per play, open all day.
10 Targets at known yardages from 10-200 yrds.
Shot in order near to far,
each hit scores from near to far:
Position multipliers are as follows.
-These are the only positions allowed
-In changing positions, the shooter may only move to a LOWER position and never the reverse
-3min time allowance
-Shooter may choose to stop at any point and have his/her present score recorded.
-ANY miss=Total score of 0

*All proceeds donated to the club

Belly Flopper Class 10$
-Prone only
-Chickens at 200yrds
-10 cartridges for 10 targets,
-Shooters will have 3 min
-No Spotters
-No Sighting shots
-No equipment restrictions

Extreme Long Range (honors only*) $2
-36" balloon at 500 yrds
- 10 shots for score
-any rifle
-any position
-any hit earns you a patch

High Over All "King of The 22's" ($20 on top of regular entry fees)
Shooter must compete in the following games.
Any Silhouette match
Dueling tree (A or B class)
Know your limits
Belly flopper
-IF a contestant is signed up for more than one class in any game, they must specify which is to be scored for this prize.
-Your rank in the standings from each match will be added together, lowest sum total wins.

Example: Finishing rank from the five games 1st-3rd-8th-4th-2nd respectively
Total HOA score for this competitor is 18, Lowest score wins

-Any tie will be decided via shoot-off

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition day, Shooters must be present to claim their prize.

-Crows and Dueling tree are single winner, full pot payout
-HOA pays out 80% of pot to winner, remainder donated to club
-All other games pay out in standard Format as follows:

All funds collected per event will have 30% removed from the pot as a donation to the club.
The remaining pot pays 60%-30%-10% between 1st-2nd-3rd respectively.
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Big thanks to everyone who came out. we had 30 shooters and were thrilled with the turnout for our first event.
We're on the calendar for 2020, Same weekend

Below are the winning competitors, scores, and payouts for each respective game;

Balloon hits @ 500yrds ($2 donation to for 10 shots)
Steve brown (The only standing, iron sight, hit)
John Ertel
Steve Scoggirs
Tim Ehlmann
Joe Fortkamp
Russ Roeder III
Mike Yazel
Dan Marsh
Chad Brown

Dueling A
1. Joe Fortkamp......$55
Dueling B
1. John Ertel.....$50

Know your limits

1. Joe Fortkamp- Shootoff ............6/10........$61.50
1. R. Roeder IV- Shootoff ............5/10........$30.75
1. John Ertel- Shootoff ............4/10........$10.25

Crow Shoot

1. Joe Fortkamp...........7/10.........$170


1. Chad brown...........3/10.........$97
2. other places: 2 way tie ......2/10...........$21

Claiming Silhouette
John Ertel......21/40......$21
Joe Fortkamp......13/40......$10.50
Bill Hazelwood 10/40.........$3.50

Sporter Silhouette
Mike Yazel.......25/40........ $185
Chad Brown...............21/40 (5 chickens)- $92
John Ertel...................21/40 (4 chickens)-$31

Target Silhouette
Joe Fortkamp.....27/40..... $58
Russell Roeder IV.........19/40....... $29
Russell Roeder III............14/40..... $10

- Joe Fortkamp.......score of 8/5 (lowest possible is 5, lowest score wins)........$112

We've had a few people step forward already and donate door prizes for the 2020 shoot, if you missed the 1st one be SURE to make it out next year.
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