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Talking Brno ZKM 573 Model 5 info and owner's club thread

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After seeing a few interesting posts recently relating to the Brno ZKM 573 Model 5, I thought it might be fun and interesting to create thread to share information, experience, and perhaps most importantly pictures...

So to start, a bit of background/ history as we know it... and before going any further I simply must refer anyone interested to a thread posted long ago by Paul (35WCF).

But in summary, as best we know (and I will happily update this as people weigh in and we learn more), the Brno ZKM Model 5 is essentially a Brno ZKM 452 Model 2 action and trigger, with a Brno ZKM 451 Model 1 barrel, and a sporter styled stock that has the bottom metal of a Model 2, and the barrel channel to accommodate the bulge in the Model 1 barrel. In fact, it seems as though the original 15,000 or so Model 5 proofed in 1957 may actually have been assembled from Model 2 actions/ triggers (serial numbers from this time seem to fall in line with other Model 2s from the time), and Model 1 barrels which had the Model 1 markings on them. These 15,000 Model 5 have been referred to to as the Egyptian contract rifles. Also in 1957, it seems as though production of the commercial Model 5 began, with rifles that had serial numbers starting over, and barrels marked and Brno Model 5. There were at least a little over 35,700 of these produced between 1957 and 1978 based on the serial numbers available. Importantly, around 1968 production of the Model 5 (like the Model 2) began to be transitioned over to CZ, at first with all Brno produced parts, then later with CZ produced parts. In 1968 the Model 5 also began to be produced with a 12 groove barrel instead of the previous 6 groove barrel like the earlier Brno, and over time there are significant changes in the finish level of the receiver. Paul details all this, and many other variations, in his thread.

Here is a 6 page commercial production pamphlet for the Brno ZKM Model 5 that another RFC'er shared with me a while back:

And lastly, here are a few photos of my 1958 Brno ZKM 573 Model 5. It shows its age a bit, but overall is in great shape, and it certainly still shoots!

I hope that others will be interested in this thread, and would love to see more information, experience, and of course photos posted here. Additionally, if you owners don't care to share a few details of their Model 5, that would be great! I would think we would be interested in:

1. Proof year
2. Serial number (as much as you are comfortable sharing)
3. Barrel markings (Model 1 or Model 5)
4. Front sight type (longitudinal with push button detent or traverse with dovetailed blade)
5. Number of barrel grooves
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