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Old 05-17-2020, 05:25 PM
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I can confirm, it's the pesky CCI ammo that's causing the lead fouling. I went to the range this morning, after 150 shots, I started to notice black smoke, followed by POI shift, as in I can't hit a 12 inch target at 12 yards. I can see islands of lead in the middle of the barrel and at the crown

I fired 15 rounds of CCI Stinger (dang that ammo is loud), as fast as I could, and the barrel was clean !!!

I then used copper washed CCI and remington with no problem, POI back to normal

So far, this new CCI is the crappiest ammo I have used, it can't even touch Remington golden turds (the smoke smells nice too).
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Old 05-22-2020, 02:52 PM
mr alexander
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Lead fouling

Originally Posted by xdm9mm View Post
I don't know whether to put this in here, or in the 22LR ammo sub forum, but it's the first time I experienced lead fouling and it's very bad, it took me a day to soak and brush them off my Mark IV and 22/45.

The culprit is CCI Blazer - no not the black box which I used before without problem.. but it's the ones in red box in 200 rounds each for $7.98 at walmart. I thought it was very cheap so I bought a couple of boxes... then I paid the price!

I don't think they are the same ammo in black box because the black box version has a lot of wax in them IIRC...


Contact the ammo manufacturer about your problem. Hopefully, you still have all of the original factory boxes as they will be asking for the lot numbers that are marked on them.

Back in the mid-1970's, I was at a plinking range about 40 miles from home. After firing only 10 rounds of Winchester Wildcats through a Remington Nylon 77 Rifle, I started to miss empty soda cans by a mile! Suspecting that something was seriously wrong, I cleared the rifle, peered down the bore and was shocked at its condition. Filled with so much lead, that very little daylight was able to pass through it. Having no other guns or ammo with me, it was time to head back home.

A local gunsmith was able to thoroughly clean the bore and also determined that it had not been damaged in any way. He praised me for ending my shooting session when I did. What would have happened if even a few more rounds had been fired in that Remington?

I took two bricks of Wildcats and my store receipt back to Woolworth's Department Store and told the Manager of what had happened when shooting it. He contacted Winchester about this. Long story short, Woolworth's gave me a 100% cash refund on my purchases. Winchester reimbursed me in full for the gunsmith's charges. A subsequent letter from them revealed that, due to a manufacturing error, the mixture/process used to make those bullets resulted in them being way softer than what the factory specifications called for.

I never bought Winchester Wildcats again. Since this incident, I have stayed away from any and all of the lower priced, promotional .22 ammo that's available. You can call me an "Ammo Snob" if you want to. If the price is way lower, then the quality is also way lower. You get what you pay for.

Later in 1979, I got involved in Bullseye Pistol Leagues. CCI Standard Velocity has been my cartridge of choice now for several decades. I have never experienced any bore leading issues with this ammo, regardless of the rifle or pistol it was used in. I have tried other brands, but only if the velocity marked on their boxes was at 1080 fps or less. For three summer seasons, I did run some CCI Mini Mags through a stock Ruger 10/22 Rifle at an outdoor club's plate shoot. Admittedly, that's the extent of my experience with High Velocity Ammo. I had no leading issues with it as well.

Renowned Bullseye Pistolsmith Jerry Keefer once remarked that if leading is present in your pistol, then you've got problems somewhere. Do take great care when cleaning the bore of any rimfire. It is my understanding that .22 caliber barrels are made out of somewhat softer steels than their centerfire counterparts. Too aggressive of a bore cleaning procedure may inadvertently do more harm than good!

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Old 05-23-2020, 08:06 AM
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Lead removal from .22 barrels. My favorite subject. I have found... if you don't have a borescope, you are "guessing" at the actual effectiveness of your efforts. The borescope will verify the lead is all gone. Using a bore light, it may appear the grooves are clean, but in reality....they may not be. I have had the best luck with Iosso, JB Bore Paste, and Blue Wonder. Not all lead is created equal. Not all barrels are finished equally. You may have to use several applications of any product to completely remove all of the lead from the barrel. With Blue Wonder, there is a PDF on procedure:


This may take several applications, but letting it set overnight sure beats the heck out of a sore shoulder and elbow. JB Bore Paste is a favorite for many shooters, as well as Iosso. These two actually work, and procedures are varied. I prefer a patch of Kroil after the barrel is cleaned using your standard method. Then a patch wrapped around a worn brush with product applied to the patch. After making sure the barrel is completely saturated with product, anywhere between 25 to 60 laps then clean and inspect with borescope. Refresh product often during each session. Repeat until lead is gone. If you can't see that the grooves are clean with a borescope, repeat procedure. This may take several applications depending on severity of lead buildup. Having used all three products, I do know they work. Having had stubborn lead buildup, I have used all three products to finally get out the lead. If you can't see the grooves, I would suggest using Blue Wonder for a few "overnight" applications first, then Iosso, then JB Paste. Monitor the progress with a borescope for best results and to make sure you are actually removing the lead. Impacted lead (layers of carbon, lead, carbon, lead) in the barrel may require changing products until you find one that starts to make a visible difference, using the borescope. Good Luck! ... AH

PS: I have also found that shooting a dozen or so copper plated CCI mini mags at the end of your range session really does help keep your barrel lead free. Then the lead removal doesn't take "forty forevers". Ha! Whoever suggest using Chore Boy copper pads wrapped on an old brush may be on the right track, but if they think it gets a .22LR barrel totally lead free, they don't have a borescope. After the barrel is absolutely lead free, I would suggest using Flitz as a final step. I think it really does keep the lead from building up so fast, and it makes the barrel easier to clean. Just a suggestion.

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Old 05-23-2020, 10:40 AM
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When using the copper coated bristle pads. Make sure they are Chore Boy copper pads. If not they are steel plated with copper. The ones a Wally World are steel plated with copper. The only ones I know of that are copper only are the "Chore Boy copper pads" Harder to find but worth it. I ordered them off of Amazon last time I needed them.
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