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Old 07-16-2021, 09:18 PM
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I made 2 FrankenRuger/Volquartsens. Each has a Mark II frame and an LLV-6 upper. See photos. These guns are incredibly accurate and I use them alternately for bullseye matches. Both have Volquartsen innards and light, crisp trigger pulls.

First one has a barrel weight, compensator, Hogue grips and TruGlo Micro dot..

Second one has barrel weight, compensator, Volthane grips and a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot.

All in cost for each was less than half of a full blown Volquartsen.
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Old 07-16-2021, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DrewBone View Post
I recently acquired a stainless steel Mark II for a good price with the intentions of using it as a basis for something better, so I put on my thinking cap and the wheels started to turn inside the 'ol noggin...

My first order of business was to order a Volquartsen Accuracy Kit, and in preparation for it's installation I stripped the grip frame of everything but the magazine release, and while doing so I noticed how shoddy the finish work on it was. There were obvious file marks, areas that were supposed to be flat that weren't, etc., so I addressed these issues with the proper abrasives and performed some softening here and there, then glass beaded it. I think it looks a whole lot better now with a more even and consistant finish than it originally did with brushed finish marks going every which way...

I also gave the bolt a good strip down/cleaning followed by a mild polish while I was at it, just for something "different"...

I then installed the Accuracy Kit without issue and everything functioned well, being quite impressed with the nice new/lighter trigger pull and adjustable trigger.

Then yesterday the Volquartsen 4.5" LLV barrel/upper receiver finished in NiB and the front and rear sights for the upper that I ordered last week from Wirthwein Guns arrived at my FFL. After getting home I gave the upper a nice cleaning, installed the sights, and attached it to the grip frame. It's a tiny bit darker/grayer in color but I think they look fine together, and yes I plan on sticking with the factory grip panels...

I'm definately looking forward to giving it a whirl
That's nice. Good work. The only suggestion I have is glass bead the bolt handle as well so it matches the rest of the exterior of the pistol.
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