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Old 10-10-2016, 01:40 PM
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October Topstraps Rimfire Challenge East Ohio

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If you've never tried long range rimfire shooting at steel targets it's better than a shooting gallery. Don't be bashful and if you wish to give it a try come on out or just to watch.

Longrange Rimfire Shooting Match

Location: Belmont OH, just off I-70 around the 208 exit.

Phone # 1-740-391-2066 Call for directions or I'll send them to your for your GPS.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October. 14, 15, 16). Anytime after 9AM. Try to be here no later than 5:30PM, no latecomers hoping for calmer conditions in the evenings although we will shoot till you can't see the targets if need be. Shooting order will be determined by Me but will try and go by order you show up. Two benchs to shoot from and room for prone.

This will be a 100 (not including your 5 sighters) round match using 22 imfire rounds

only. Distances will be from 25 yards to 197 yards and will be swinging steel targets at all distances. There will be 5 sighters allowed, you may choose when and what distance to use them on steel plates.

There will be a few targets where the shooter may "gamble" on a smaller higher value target for more points. There also may be a target(s) with a penalty if you hit the wrong part of it. The last stage will be a fun challenging target that is tough but not impossible.

This is the same format as last month. I really liked the way the targets worked out.


I will have an Open class this time, anything goes, no limits on ammo, gun or
attachments. The winner of this class will have bragging rights only. So bring out your biggest, baddest most accurate setup you have to clean my course. It has been nearly done before so let's see if these guns and shooters can do it.

Standard Class will have a price limit for ammo allowed based on Champion Shooters Supply webpage. No ammo costing more than $8.00/50 rounds will be allowed. Bipods and sandbags only. Anyone caught trying to use more expensive ammo will be DQ'd and banned from my range. No tuners or mechanical front/rear rests allowed.

Sandbags or bi-pods are fine for front and rear. You may shoot prone if you wish but the same rule above will apply. Any optic is allowed, no separate class.

Range Officer has final say. Usually will give shooter the benefit if it's questionable on a edge hit. We're not here to be your spotter but will try and help when we can, plan to have someone help with your spotting but usually plenty of others around to help with that.

There will be a $10.00 donation for this match. Match winner will receive $25.00. Based on amount of entries a drawing for $25.00 and/or another 25.00 from the participants and will be drawn at matches end. Each entry qualifies for the drawings.

This will probably be my last match for the year unless it's really nice next month. Hope interest isn't slowing down, it's really fun to hit these little steel targets at distances most thought a 22 rimfire would be lobbed in for a lucky hit. I'm trying to keep this from turning into an equipment race so everyone will come and enjoy the matches. It's not really how well you place (although we all like to finish well) but to see if you improve each time you come out to practice or shoot a match.

Some may think shooting 22 rimfire is for sissies or little kids. I can assure you it's just as challenging as shooting our CF guns at the local 1000 yard steel plate matches. At 200 yards a breath of wind change and you've got a miss. You learn to pay attention to leaves falling, little floaties, cobwebs and mirage shifting across your scope for a slight wind hold to make the hit. You take that with you to the longrange CF matches and you'll find yourself getting a few more hits thru the match.

Dennis ( [email protected] )

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Old 10-14-2016, 04:02 PM
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Kinda chilly this morning.
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