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Smile The Stock Projects Mega-Sticky!

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This a collection of project threads and some tributes involving stock making, repairing, refinishing, modifying, and bedding. I was inspired to start this so we could have a way to keep track of all the great threads that have graced our forum for a short time, many of which have already been moved back to where they came from. I've also added some threads from other areas of RFC and will continue to do so as more are found. Hopefully these will inspire and encourage folks in their future projects.

Many thanks for all these great contributions to the forum!

Stock Making

Used a mill to inlet a stock___by aslap

CZ455 Beavertail Walnut Stock___by siletto

Bubinga Stock Build___by ArtS

Precision Benchrest Stock Project___by azguy

Walnut Pro Varmint for Kidd Action___by azguy

My Stock Project (Biathlon Basic)___by NeptuneMachines

Savage 93 Stock___by lbjennings

Custom 40x .22lr Stock from Scratch___by ek-marlin-424

Making a Stock for my CZ 452 American in 17HMR___by Dick Wright

Notebook of a First Time Stock Maker___by Oldblades

Nuther Curly Maple SGBR___by azguy

My stock project (CZ 455)___by paul463

New Biathlon Stock Project Completed___by Magical

Henry Restocked___by Magical

Stock # 11 (10/22 Charger)___by lbjennings

Stock # 13 out of Cypress (10/22)___by lbjennings

Stock # 21 Benchrest (10/22)___by lbjennings

The Birth of a Benchrest Stock from Concept Through Finish___by turmite

Complete Stock Build Instructions Without a Mill! (10/22)___by oli

New Bench Stock Design___by BullseyeDave

My First DIY Stock (10/22)___by J31968

Maple Mannlicher Stock Build (10/22 + pic heavy)___by TEDDY BEAR RAT

Black Walnut BR Stock Build (10/22)___by azguy

New Stock Project for VQ (10/22)___by azguy

Feathered Curly Maple (10/22)___by azguy

Pharr Stock Pattern___by azguy

Rokehe BR Stock Build (10/22)___by azguy

Teak Annie Project (10/22)___by azguy

Teak Annie Stock Finished Photos (10/22)___by azguy

Making a Pattern and Custom Stock for a CZ 455___by gordie

Marlin Glenfield-25 Project Rifle___by Bob4BVM

Mauser 22 Project (pic heavy)___by TEDDY BEAR RAT

Remington 37 Sporter Project (pic heavy)___by TEDDY BEAR RAT

Restocking a J. Stevens Long Tom Shotgun___by ek-marlin-424

Winchester 52 Mannlicher Project (pic heavy)___by TEDDY BEAR RAT

Custom Winchester 70 Stock___by ek-marlin-424

English Walnut (Winchester 70)___by ek-marlin-424

Stock Making: Metal Chassis

The Romford Story (Ruger American Rifle)___by Jasn977

Stock Repair

Busted Toe___by ek-marlin-424

Making Splice Repairs___by Candyman

Excellent Break Repair on an Anschutz Stock___by malcolm

Wood Dent Repair 102___by 22AGS

Winchester Stock Chip Repair___by 22AGS

Old Winchester Model 57 Stock Crack___by mgb8345

Reattaching an Adjustable Cheek Rest___by frisky-maddog

Anschutz Match 54 Rescue___by notarex

Stock Finishing & Refinishing

Time to Checker A Stock that I made this Spring___by wachtelhund

Project Begins: Custom Curly Maple Stock for CZ 455 Stainless___by LimehouseBlues

Sako 461 Fajen Monte Carlo Stock___by arkrunner

Project (77/22) Richards Old Classic ___by ShootNut

How to Not Ruin an Original Fingergroove (10/22)___by turmite

First Post and Stock Refinish (10/22)___by stevenhoward

My 1st Refinished Stock (10/22 Walnut)___by bevans

BRNO Mod 1 Stock Refinish___by HUSHKABOOM

Mr. M Gets a Makeover (Brno Mod 2)___by 35WCF

CZ 452 Lux Redo___by Oldblades

Thinking About Refinishing this CZ___by I6turbo

H&R Model 700 Stock Refinish___by DairyMan

My son and I refinished his first rifle (Marlin)___by futurerider103

Marlin Model 56 Stock Refinish___by waynewjw

Marlin Model 925 Refinish___by Eli Chaps

Mossberg 44 Stock Refinish___by DKSAC2

Refinishing Marlin Papoose Stock___by SRV1

Finishing a Richard's Safari Rollover (Savage MKIIG)___by Doodaddy

Refinishing My1950 Savage/Stevens 87a Stock___by Rimfire-Guy

Saved an Ugly Savage 110e Stock___by futurerider103

EZ Way to Make a Beautiful Camo Job___by nathantc

Wards Western Field 882 Refinish Project___by Sontag1

Refinishing Grandpa's 1954 Winchester Model 50 12-gauge___by powder_Monkey

Stock Modification

Reworking a custom Brno Model 1 stock___by ek-marlin-424

CZ 452 Trainer Stock Work___ by JumpBoots03

Airgun Stock to CZ 452 Stock Project___by sreyemj

Making and Installing Adjustable Hardware___by dubbleA

Down and Dirty Adjustable Comb Hardware___by Bob Smalser

A BR Stock from a Boyd's Blank (10/22)___by Nosnil22

Adding an End Cap to a Carbine Stock (10/22)___by yankee

Checkering a 10/22 Stock___by ek-marlin-424

A Different Kind of Tip (10/22)___by ek-marlin-424

Eliminator Stock Transformed (10/22)___by azguy

A Tribute to Hipshot (10/22)___by rigrat

Hipshot's Compendium (10/22)___by Pappy

BR Stock Mod ala Hipshot (10/22)___by philoshop

Next Project: BSA Int'l Mark II Sporter___by TEDDY BEAR RAT

Modifying a Boyds' Stock for a CZ 452 Varmint in .22lr to Fit the .17HMR

Getting the Old Finish Off a Kimber 82G (no chemicals... hah!)___by Bob4BVM

Next project ordered - Target 40X___by Doodaddy

Completing Richard's Microfit Stock with a Mod for a Rear Aperture (Savage MKII)___by Lazyme

Starting a Niedner Buttplate___by ek-marlin-424

Stock Bedding & Pillars

Bedding CZ 457 Pro Varmint___by Frontrange42

Thread on Pillar Bedding Aschutz Rifles___by pump .22s

Putting an Old Annie Back into Service___by Bob Smalser

Flanged Bedding Pillar How-to (10/22)___by Hipshot

Revolution Extreme Rear Tang and Bedding (10/22)___by azguy

Raptor Pillar and Rear Tang Bedding (10/22)___by DrGunner

TacSol Vantage Rear Tang Job (10/22)___by DrGunner

Kidd Rear Tang and Flange Pillars (10/22)___by tmcglasson36

Full Height Front Pillar (10/22)___by Nosnil22

Pillar and Rear Tang Bedding (10/22)___by azguy

Bedding Maple BR Stock (10/22)___by GBLEV173

Bedding CZ-452 Trainer and Lux-Pics___by TheKnaxk

Pillar and Devcon Bedding a 452 Varmint___by DrGunner

Bedding a CZ 452 Varmint___by scflyboy

Adding a Brno Pillar and Bedding a McMillan Stock (CZ 452)

YACZBP (Yet Another CZ Bedding Project)___by Cowtown

Bedding a CZ 455___by davkrat

Pillar Bedding a CZ 455 SST into a Boyds' Stock___by IsaacCarlson

Pillar & Glass Bedding a 455 Precision Trainer (Manners Stock)___by djdilliodon

Bedding a CZ 455 into a Stith Stock___by mr.big

Bedding a Kimber 82G___by hawkeye10

Kimber 82G Stock Refinish and Bedding___by ferrarif1fan

Savage Rimfire Bedding___by Ron AKA

Adding Pillars and Bedding a Savage Rimfire (Pre-E)

Savage 93r17 Laminated Stock Pillar and Glass Bed___by LureM In

DIY Pillar and Glass Bedding (Suhl 150)___by 68driftr

If you see any other worthy project threads on stocks that are well done and/or have pics (we like pics) please PM me a link... thanks!

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