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Old 05-21-2018, 01:45 PM
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Topstraps May Longrange Rimfire Match Results

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Finally got the May Topstraps Longrange Rimfire Challenge shot. I really appreciate everyone coming and hopefully enjoying a fun challenging shooting match. Weather this Spring hasn't co-operated with all the rain but we got lucky and had beautiful weather all three days. Nice steady wind on Friday and Saturday and a bit stronger but shifting back on forth on Sunday which added to the challenge. We had some new shooters try this game out and feel they did quite well since it isn't as easy as some make it appear. Mother Nature is Boss in this game.

Match was 100 varying size and shaped steel targets from 25 yards to 197 yards. When they finished I had a bonus shot and they could choose trying to split a 22 rimfire bullet on an axe at 50 yards or take a shot at an unknown distance 2"x6" horizontal plate. It's placed behind the berm of my pond and has about 60 yards or so that I can move it back and forth and they can't really use any of the other racks to relate to for distance. Using their scope only and a mildot master they did the calculations and made the shot. A few got it and I did help coach (if needed) on how to accomplish the task. Most only missed it by a few yards due to not being exact enough on their using the scope to get the correct info.

Randy Wise did quite well with his Anschutz Exemplar pistol in an Accurate Shooters System chassis. Another very impressive performance was given by Ted Kernik shooting his CZ 455 with peep sights. He shot all the regular targets he could see then shot that one to finish up the rack. He cleaned the Candy Canes and a couple other really tough targets that gave the scoped rifle guys fits. Very impressive to say the least. My match is not geared towards metallic sights due to so many really small targets but it's fun to see just how many can be hit. My Wifes Brother (Chuck Wagner) also put in a nice performance using one of our guns, it's his first time trying this type of shooting.

We've discussed it before when playing with our peep sighted guns that for some reason we can keep hitting targets even in the wind and the scoped shooters are having to adjust. Its happened quite often and we kid each other about it but it's amazing how many we can hit even if they are just a pin prick in the circle. Wish I had my eyesight now that I had when I was younger to see the really small targets. I've told everyone that no matter what the size or distance, if I can see it I can hit it with a peep sighted gun, they are amazing. Everyone should try it and see how fun and challenging it is.

OK, on to the match results. All ties are reverse counted with farthest hits breaking ties. The match winner will receive a free entry next month. I'm working on a T-shirt design and will prob give one of those to future match winners. I'll also have two $25.00 drawings randomly chosen from each entry.

Chris and I both do not include our results due to being our home range even though we never have time to practice before a match. Just a lil bit of information for anyone interested, we still have not cleaned any of our rimfire barrels EVER and just drop a bit of oil on the bolt or action to keep them from being sticky. We didn't shoot Ugly Beddy this month, I took the scope off and put on a Izhmash Biathalon rifle and didn't have time to get another zeroed for the match but she's still dressed for success and ugly as ever.

Match Winner is Mike Moore = Free Entry next month
$25.00 drawings = Carl Duvall and Kenny Boyert.

Maximum possible score this month including bonus target is 106.


Dennis Kirkpatrick 102 Remington SWFA-20X Wolf MT Not Included
Chris Kirkpatrick 101 Remington SWFA-20X Wolf MT Not Included
Mike Moore(3) 98 Savage Bushnell Wolf MT Match Winner
Randy Wise 97 Anschutz-Exemplar-Pistol SWFA Federal
Jim Lochary 96 Anschutz-MPR Leupold Eley
Butch McCort 92 Remington 40-X Vortex CCI Std.
Carl Duvall(2) 92 Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
Dave Calipare 92 Kidd-10/22 SWFA Wolf MT
Carl Duvall(3) 92 Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT
Dave Moore 91 Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
Bill Nesbitt 90 Anschutz-MPR SWFA Wolf MT
Chuck Wagner 90 Remington SWFA Wolf MT
Kenny Boyert 89 CZ 455 Weaver-Tactical Wolf MT
Mike Moore(1) 89 Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
Mike Moore(2) 89 Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT
Rich Harris 88 H&R12 SWFA Wolf MT
Ted Kernik 88 CZ 455 PEEP-SIGHTS SK Pistol Match
Mark Bruckelmyer 88 Savage Vortex Wolf MT
Carl Duvall(1) 87 Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
Tim Humphrey 87 Remington-40X NightForce Wolf MT
Dan Piatt 87 Anschutz-MPR SWFA Wolf MT
Rube Perkins 86 10/22 NightForce Wolf MT
Bob Merillat 85 Anschutz March SK Match
Glenn Schnegg 85 Winchester-52 NightForce Wolf MT
Tim Schuck 83 Savage-MKII SWFA CCI Std.
Stan Wodzisz 81 10/22 NightForce Wolf MT
Bill Harris 77 Savage Bushnell CCI Std.
Jerry Shaw 75 Savage-MKII SWFA CCI Std.
Karen Marsh 71 CZ-Ultra-Lux SWFA CCI Std.


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Old 05-21-2018, 11:28 PM
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Great fun

Thanks for having these matches Topstrap they are always great fun
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Old 05-23-2018, 08:52 PM
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Thanks for putting on the matches. I just got my own Mil Dot Master.
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Old 06-03-2018, 05:43 PM
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Gotta think up something devious for next month, well actually next weekend already for the bonus shot. Got an idea, have to try and make it and see how it works.

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