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Old 03-08-2017, 01:00 PM
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My Daisy 953 with Leaper's AR-15/16 Iron Sights

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As an AR-15 user ... I've been thinking about doing something like this for a very long time.
But, I didn't have an appropriate air rifle platform to do so.

I have grappled-with finding a repeating, clip-feed, single-stroke-pneumatic air rifle that could be readily adapted to AR-15/16 M4 sights.
To this end, a while ago I purchased several Daisy 953 Target Pro air rifles because I wanted a repeating air gun.
And, after using the Target Pro for a while, it dawned-on-me that it might be possible to adapt AR-15/16 iron sights to the receiver and barrel.
The availability of the Leaper's UTG .22/Airgun to Picatinny/Weaver Low Pro Snap-in Adaptor made my idea possible.

The rear-sight was a very straight-foreward installation.
Just fit the adapter to the UTG Detachable Compact Rear Sight w/Full W/E Adjustment and place the sight-assembly on the 11mm receiver-rail.
Tighten the quick-release sight-knob ... and, you're done.

Please excuse all the dog hair ... my Pekingese is shedding.

The front-sight installation presented a problem.
The front-sight mounting-grooves did not form a rail ... the barrel mounting surface is round.
As such, the adapter would not fit properly.

However, the judicious use of a hand-file can generate a relatively-flat surface to allow mounting of the rail-adapter.
With the flat-surface cut-on the globe front-sight mount and the adapter in-place on the Leaper's low-profile sight.
The Leaper's AR-15/16 front-sight can be put-into-place and tightened-down.
Not a perfect installation ... but, serviceable enough for my purposes.

So, why go to all this trouble when you already own a Crosman M4-177 fitted with Leaper's AR-15/16 iron sights?

Well, it really wasn't too much trouble to make the sight conversion.
The UTG rail-adapters are the key-element in the easy installation of the AR-15/16 type iron-sights.

Also because, although the Crosman my look-the-part ... the M4-177 is airy-light.
As such, doesn't come-close the weight of an AR.
As a result, it is a challenge to hold the M4 steady for a précise shot.

And, the Crosman pneumatic-trigger does not feel like a USGI service-grade trigger.
The M4-177 trigger is light, traverses a very-long-travel and has a vague let-off.
The side-feed clip requires manual manipulation to advance the next pellet.

Although my Daisy 953 doesn't look-like an AR-15/16 service rifle.
The heft of the 953 is closer to-that of an AR than the feathery M4-177.
The solid-plastic stock is hand-filling and substantial.
The 953 trigger has a hint of stiffness and a touch-of creep similar to an average commercial-grade hunting rifle.
Even-so, the let-off is predictable owing to a trace-perception of stacking.
The 953 side-feed clip is auto-advanced by cycling the bolt.

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Old 03-09-2017, 12:09 PM
Mike Clark

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Nice job!
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