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My Savage MKII GL Cured Itself!

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Some of you longtime members might remember a series of posts by yours truly bitterly complaining of the constant failure to extract issues with my left-handed Savage. Back in 2012, I found it at a local shop and when told that is was used, was quite surprised. If he told me it was new, I would have believed him. It must have been some kind of safe queen. Not one sign of normal wear anywhere.
Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to fall out of love with it. It immediately showed it was unreliable by failing to extract fired rounds just when I needed it most, like when a large coon fell from a tree in my backyard, and somehow blamed me for his misfortune!
While he stood there, growling at me, I took that opportunity to rack home another round. Unfortunately, my rifle had other ideas, and I ended up beating a hasty retreat back into the house. I don't know whatever became of that raccoon.
Anyway, this problem went on for years while I tried one remedy after another, most suggested by people on this forum. Nothing worked.
I never bothered getting rid of this rifle because it was the first left-handed .22 bolt rifle I'd ever seen in my life, and I knew I'd never see another left-handed .22 bolt rifle for the rest of my life. Besides, this thing is dead-nuts accurate.
Anyway, for varmint control and hunting, I counted on my good old Marlin 39A, and let this Savage become just an occasional target and plinking rifle.
As the years went by, it slowly occurred to me that the Savage was experiencing less and less failures to extract the more I shot it.
Now, much to my surprise, I experience NO FTE's whether I clean the chamber or not! This rifle has become 100% reliable!
How did this happen? Was the gun "broken in" or "shot in?"
I'm using the same squirrel-control CCI Quiets that I've been using since Day One.
How can a mechanical thing simply fix itself?
Just wondering. Not complaining!
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Old 10-12-2019, 04:11 PM
Basrem is online now

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Just wore the right way

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