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Originally Posted by chomorro View Post
I went to the range again today outdoor range with a bench. Sighted perfect for 25 yards and 50 yards.

What I don't under stand is I can get tight groups when I'm on my bipod. When I freehand shoot the bullet literally groups almost a foot down and to the left of target.......

Duplicated it many times, as soon as I put it back on the bipod I'm on target again.
"a foot down and to the left" at 50 yards? This sounds to me like something more going on than just the rifle being a takedown model.

I don't own a TD, but I do understand making rifles shoot with accuracy. Typically, you get the most accuracy with either a barrel that is completely free-floating or is fully bedded. Obviously neither is totally possible with a TD. But I have a theory on why your TD is performing the way it is.

I think your forestock is floating the barrel from your grip back to the receiver. So when you pull back on the grip, the forestock is flexing up in the back - causing the barrel ring to pull down on the muzzle. Being left-handed, the muzzle would also be pulled some to the left.

If you separate the barrel from the receiver and squeeze the barrel and back of the forestock together, do you feel some flex/movement?

If so, I would think that bedding the forestock to the way the gun sits resting on the bipod would eliminate 98%+ of the POI changes you're experiencing. Even adding a temporary shim at the back to stop the flexing would help a lot until you can get the bedding done right.

Just my guess from looking at your setup and problem description. I hope this helps.
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Test_Engineer- I'm not so sure about that plan- it's the sheer amount of POI shift that is why. With an optic hard mounted to the receiver, any flex has to be moving the barrel substantially to create that much movement between 25 and 50 FEET...

I'd be concerned that bedding the barrel might actually transfer more flex to the connection, not less. It would, however be very easy to test-

Shim some cardboard under the barrel between it and the foreend at the tip of the stock. If that works, I'll definitely have learned something new.

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