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Old 12-02-2012, 02:06 PM
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I use steel ParkerHale moderators on my 452s and Marlin 795.

I zero with the mod on and the groups are certainly as good moderated as unmoderated, I do believe that the POI changes slightly though.

I've got to go along with most others in terms of checking baffle alignment, good hand tight fit on the muzzle etc.

I suspect that the baffles have been a bit out of alignment.

As has been said, many of the CZs this side of the Atlantic were supplied new with screwcut muzzles (even my Marlin 795!) and as previously stated, do not generally present problems.
It is possible however that your rifle started out without a screwcut muzzle and an amateur engineer with a lathe has done the job.
Common errors of a poor screwcutting job are "centring" onto the barrel outside diameter and not the bore, which results in a lack of concentricity and not getting the shoulder of the screwcut section at 90 degrees to the bores centre.
Both of these conditions will result in mis-alignment on tightening and the baffle strikes that come with that.

Do you have a mate with a screwcut 22? If so, try your PH moderator on his rifle and check the results.
If it performs OK, further attention to the screwcutting of your muzzle is probably justified.
If it performs the same as when on your rifle, then the problem lies with the moderator. Perhaps try your rifle with a borrowed moderator and check results.


PS.........useful reference...

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Old 12-02-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Domaca View Post
Hornet6: It is steel. It appears pretty flush with the barrel (I'm looking at it now). Our silencer laws are the same as yours, I believe. We just ask for an "s" to be put on our license and that's the end of it. So it wouldn't be any trouble getting a SAK. Are they significantly better? (Than PH in general!)
Not significantly better than a good Parker Hale no, but having had only two P/H's and had problems with baffle strike with both, and never a problem with the 6 or 7 Sacs I have had, I have to say never again to a P/H.
That said many people have used nothing but with no problems.
Many .22 rimfires (and c/f's) have horrible thread jobs done on them, and the shorter the moderator the less chance of a problem is the way I look at it.
Depending on age and barrel length many of the CZ's kicking about were not factory threaded, but were done without re-proof by the importer, who obviously denies any such thing
Most of the 16 inch ones from about 2007 on are factory though, not that is always a good thing.

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