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Ammo considerations for 16 inch barrel?

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Hello everyone! This is my first post here on rimfire central. I am soon going to be entering the world of 22lr shooting. Over the summer I shot a lot of .308 for practice, and while fun, it was a pretty expensive summer. So I am currently building a custom 10-22 typre rifle. (I started custom because none of the factory models seemed to have all the features I was looking for, and since I was probably going to get a barrell anyways....)

So far I've got :
X ring receiver in Matte OD Green
X ring fluted threaded barrell Matte Black

Parts considering:
Kidd double stage trigger assembly
Hogue or Bell and Carlson stock

Anyways, I was wondering if there were any special ammo considerations for a short (16 inch) barrell? My main goal is accuracy.

Also many companies are making 22lr suppressors and they seem pretty affordable (at least tacsol's is). Is using different (subsonic) ammo required for this? How does this affect accuracy/range? Is subsonic rimfire ammo expensive? (compared to regular 22lr?

Any and all info would help, and I've been told by many that this is the place to do this sort of research.
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Old 01-14-2011, 02:55 PM
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First of all, welcome to RFC! Always good to see new faces.

You'll LOVE the KIDD trigger if you like the two-stage trigger pull, I can't think of more than a handful of people I've ever heard of that didn't like theirs. Those complaints are mostly due to people preferring a single-stage design. If there's a better trigger made for the 10/22, it'd be a darn fine squeeze.

Pretty much all of a .22s powder is burned before it reaches the end of a 16" barrel, so you have your choice. For good starting loads to play with? SK STD+ is a choice that few would argue with in the $5/50rds range, and CCI-SV is another good one ranging to about $3/50rds. There are a LOT of options and everyone's rifle has different taste. Pick a box or two up of everything your dealer's got on the shelf, and start doing your range homework! Bear in mind that quite literally every rimfire rifle is different. The ammo that shoots bugholes for the guy right next to you, with the exact same rifle might shoot a four-inch splatter out of your rifle. Finding your own rifle's taste is mostly just a matter of trying loads until you find the right one.

Beyond that and far beyond *my* shooting skill, particular LOTS of a specific ammo will shoot slightly better than others. I've never really had the chance to try that factoid out since I'm not that good with my rifle, but I have it on good authority that it's true.

In short, buy a small bit of as many different ammos as you can get your mitts on, and start testing them out. Keep a notebook when you do, that way when you've got three thousand smoking cases piled up around your toes and a bunch of tiny holes in targets, you can remember which ammo actually SHOT that tiny little spot out of the third target from the top left on the backer.

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Records are important.

Some brands of ammo will be evident that it aint the one. Others will need to be tried several times and places.
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