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Review: HT60 stock for Marlin 60/795

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For those who want a video, here is a 15min review.

I bought a used Marlin Model 60 from the LGS for $80 with scope for a father/daughter project. I sold the scope for $30. This was a squirrel stock, but had a crack in the stock running along both sides of the trigger guard. The 60 was bought in anticipation of converting to a model 795.

I ordered the ATI Draganov stock, converted the 60 to a 795 with the help of the forum info and videos. The conversion went without issues, the hardest part was having my daughter decide on which colors to paint her new rifle.

After hitting the range several times, my daughter wasn't comfortable with the length of pull for her smaller body size. This is where the HT60 comes in.

Unboxing the HT60 from the shipping box, its in a clear plastic box with foam cut out for the various parts. No written instructions, but the pamphlet in the box directed you to the HuntingTactical website for a video install. This also came with a Allen key for install, but you need a pair of needle nose pliers, channel locks and armor wrench for buffer tube.

After watching the video once, and replayed video during my install, the HT60 stock was complete. Took me about 20-25min to install.

With the receiver/barrel installed, I noticed the barrel didn't quite fit down in the forearm. After separating the stock from reciever, the issue was in the forearm of the stock. The barrel was hitting "U" shaped channel that runs on the inside of the forearm, the solution was to dremel the "U" channel just enough to have the barrel sit in deeper of the stock. I had to do the same with the ATI stock, and reading up on the Boyds stocks, the end user may have to tweak the stock to get a good fit.

With the receiver/barrel sitting in stock to my liking, I adjusted the pistol grip, angle of butt stock and length of pull to my daughters liking. The pistol grip gives you 3 angle settings, the angle of butt stock also gives you 3 settings, but the length of pull is set up like a AR15 with 6 positions.

With the 6 position adjustable butt stock, I was curious if my AR rifle stocks would fit. I have the Magpul MOE and another stock which isn't marked with a name, the Magpul stock fits great on the HT60, but the no name stock wouldn't fit the HT60. So if your planing on a different stock than the supplied HT60, you'll have to do your homework. I'm not sure if the HT60 buffer tube threads are the same size as the AR15 buffer tubes, so you'll have to either find out for yourself or contact HuntingTactical.

Me and the daughter hit the range so she can try out the HT60, she likes it better than the ATI. Since I only brought 200rds with me, she was forced to call it a day.



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